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World First Money Transfer Review: A Good Fit for You?

World First offers no-fee transfers and FX margin matching, making it a great option for most individuals.

World First Money Transfer Review: A Good Fit for You?

World First offers no-fee transfers and FX margin matching, making it a great option for most individuals.


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  • Individuals seeking the utmost transparency when it comes to margins
  • Individuals planning to make significant funds transfers


  • Individuals seeking to transfer funds quickly to a wide number of currencies
  • Consumers planning to send a small sum of money

Due to its transparency, strong track record and lack of administrative fees, World First is one of the top international money transfer services in Singapore. The remittance service also makes transfers simple and affordable to a range of currencies with relatively short transfer times. World First does require a minimum transfer of S$2,000. However due to all of its strengths, World First is always worth considering if you need to make large transfers.

Summary of World First's Money Transfer Platform
No Administrative Fees
Transparent Foreign Exchange Rate Margins
Foreign Exchange Rate Margin Matching
Strong Track Record: $125 billion transferred since 2004
Transfer Speed: typically 1-3 days

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What Makes World First Stand Out to Consumers?

World First is one of the best money transfer services available to consumers in Singapore. First of all, the platform does not charge administrative fees. Additionally, World First is the most transparent when it comes to their foreign exchange rate margins, which range from 0.5-0.15%. For more information, please refer to the table below. World First also offers price matching for transfers in which it would not lose money. For more information, please contact World First directly.

Transfer Amount
$0 - $750,0000.50%
$750,000 - $7.5 million0.25%
$7.5 million+0.15%

Despite it's competitive pricing, World First does not offer the fastest transfer speed (1-3 days for most major currencies). However, there is no minimum or maximum transaction amount. Yet, World First does charge a small fee for withdrawal amounts that fall below $500 to cover their sending costs. Given these factors, World First is a suitable option for almost anyone especially those who want to send a small amount of money.

Minimum TransferN/A
Maximum TransferN/A
Transfer Speed1-3 days

How to Register: Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you want to send a S$2,000 - S$20,000 without incurring a transfer fee
  • Service Fee
    • N/A
    • Government Licence
      • MAS - Major Payment Institution
      • Maximum Transfer
        • N/A
        • Currencies
          • 68
          • Transfer Speed
            • 1-2 days

            In order to register to send money via World First, users can click on the buttons on this page. You will be led to a page that will allow you to create a username and password for your account and will request your contact information. You will not be charged until you make a transfer.

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