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Send Money Transfer Review: Excellent No-Fee Remittance Platform

A leading no-fee remittance service and the best for sending funds to Australia.

Send Money Transfer Review: Excellent No-Fee Remittance Platform

A leading no-fee remittance service and the best for sending funds to Australia.


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  • Individuals planning to transfer money to/from Australia
  • Those seeking to avoid money transfer fees


  • Individuals seeking to transfer money to the widest number of currencies

Send is one of the top money transfer services available in Singapore. First, the platform does not charge any administrative fees and it also matches its competitors foreign exchange rates, which means it will always be an affordable option. It is particularly well-suited for those that plan to send funds to and from Australia.

Summary of SendFX's Money Transfer Service
No Fees on Any Transfer
Foreign Exchange Rate Price Matching
Fast Transfers: Send funds within 1 day
Minimum Transfer: AUD 200 (~S$202.40)
Transfer SGD to 40 Other Currencies

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What Makes Send Stand Out to Consumers?

Send's exchange rate matching guarantee combined with the fact that it never charges administrative fees makes it one of the best remittance services available. Furthermore, send transfers funds fairly quickly, most transfers are completed within one day, making it a good fit for those that need to transfer funds quickly.

Send Remittance Service Details
Minimum TransferAUD 200
Maximum TransferN/A
Transfer FeeN/A
Transfer Speed1-2 days

With that said, other platforms offer more currency pairs than Send, and some even transfer funds within just a few hours. Therefore, some individuals will find that they are better off with another service. However, if your goal is to change SGD to AUD, or vice versa, Send is a great choice.

How to Register: Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you want to send funds to or from Australia
  • Service Fee
    • N/A
    • Government Licence
      • Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)
      • Maximum Transfer
        • N/A
        • Currencies
          • 40
          • Transfer Speed
            • 1-2 days

            To sign up, click any of the buttons on this page. You will be prompted to provide your contact information (i.e. name, email address, mobile number) in order to receive a quote for your transfer. The registration process takes just a few minutes

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