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Allianz Motor Protect Car Insurance Review: Adequate Coverage For A Reasonable Price

Allianz Motor has a car insurance plan that offers adequate protection at an affordable cost.

Allianz Motor Protect Car Insurance Review: Adequate Coverage For A Reasonable Price

Allianz Motor has a car insurance plan that offers adequate protection at an affordable cost.


ValueChampion Rating ValueChampion Icon

Third Party Damage
Workshop Type
Coverage for Loss/Damage to Vehicle


  • Lifetime warranty on repairs
  • Complimentary courtesy car or transport allowance
  • Complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Low premiums
  • New for old replacement car


  • Most coverage available only for Comprehensive tier
  • Additional premium for NCD protector

Allianz Motor offers one of the cheapest car insurance plans in Singapore. If you are looking for a car insurance plan that is just enough, Allianz Motor Protect may be ideal for you as it covers common scenarios that a typical driver would face. However, if you want a robust plan with a lot of protection, Allianz Motor may not give you the benefits you desire.

Table of Contents

Allianz Motor Comprehensive
About 16% below market average premiums for drivers with 50% NCD
Covers common scenarios
Great option for young and inexperienced drivers
Have to pay extra for personal accident and medical coverage
Not the best for high risk drivers

Allianz Motor Protect Car Insurance Highlights

Are you looking for a car insurance plan that covers the bare essentials? Allianz Motor Protect is fit for you. Though it is not the most robust motor insurance plan out there, you will find that it covers common scenarios that you are likely to face. Best of all, its unmatched premiums make it an affordable choice for an average driver -- which are way below the average cost of a comprehensive car insurance plan in Singapore. With Allianz Motor Protect, you will get sufficient coverage without paying for unnecessary features that may only be situationally useful.

allianz motor protect review

Core features of Allianz Motor Protect include coverage for third-party property damage, third-party death or injury, car loss or damages, windshield repair and towing. Another stand-out feature is its low unnamed driver excess. At just S$500, you enjoy a low unnamed driver's excess rate. The only caveat is that the driver has to be above 27 years old with more than one year of driving experience. If these conditions are unfulfilled, the unnamed driver's excess rate is S$2,500. Moreover, Allianz Motor guarantees accident repairs for a lifetime. Own a top-end luxury car? You might not be comfortable repairing your vehicle at an authorised workshop. With Allianz Motor Protect's comprehensive plan, you can fix your vehicle after an accident at any workshop of your choice.

Undoubtedly, Allianz Motor Protect stands out due to its attractively low premiums. However, it may not provide enough coverage for those looking for an all-encompassing plan that confers wider protection. Thus, if you want something more customisable with built-in perks such as protection against car accessories or dental fees, you may do better with plans like AXA.

Customisation & Other Add-ons

For most car insurance policies, you have the option of add-on covers. Optional covers are usually purchased on top of your car insurance policy to enhance coverage and boost the protection of your vehicle. For Allianz Motor Protect’s car insurance, there are optional covers with no additional premium and optional covers that will come at an extra cost. A useful cover that Allianz offers is the No Claim Discount (NCD) protector. If you have a claim-free year, you will get a discount when renewing your policy.

ComprehensiveThird-party, fire and theftThird-party only
Optional Cover With No Additional Premium
Agreed Value Payout At Total LossAvailableN/AN/A
Optional Cover With Additional Premium
No Claim Discount (NCD) ProtectorAvailableAvailableAvailable
Repairs At Any WorkshopAvailableN/AN/A
Personal Accident and Medical Expenses (In the event of accidental death and total or partial permanent disability to driver)S$50,000 for Policyholder
S$25,000 for Authorised Driver / Passenger
Medical Expenses Coverage: S$1,000 per person

Allianz Motor Protect Car Insurance Exclusions

Allianz Motor does not cover people without a valid driving licence. It will also apply if you or your authorised driver is under suspension or disqualification from driving. Moreover, Allianz Motor will not cover damage to tyres or rims unless other parts of your car were damaged in the same accident. Additionally, you won't be insured if:

  • You’re not an authorised driver
  • Claims for wear and tear of your car, including tyres and rims
  • You’re under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics
  • Fraudulent or exaggerated claims
  • You’re using your car for unlawful purposes
  • Claims for any intentional or willful act
  • You’re transporting passengers or goods for monetary rewards
  • You’re using your car for racing
  • Your car is unroadworthy
  • Claims arising from any act of terrorism
  • Claims arising from civil war risk and nuclear risk
  • Claims from outside the geographical area

Allianz Motor will only cover car usage for social, domestic or pleasure purposes. They will not protect you if you use your car to carry passengers for monetary compensation. You might want to consider another insurance policy if you intend to be a private driver for hire. Always remember to read the general exclusions when choosing a car insurance policy.

Allianz Motor Claims & Contact Information

In the event that you need to make a claim, here’s what you need to do:

  • Report the loss, damage or accident within 24 hours or by the next working day at one of the authorised workshops. If you cannot drive your vehicle from the accident site, call 1800-222-1818 for towing service.
  • Submit the claims form found on the Allianz website.
  • Do remember to update Allianz with all the relevant information and documents within 14 days of the claimable event.
Contact Information
Customer Service+65 6221 2111
24 Hours Hotline1800-222-1818
Claims InformationClaim forms
Claims E-mail[email protected]
Mailing Address79 Robinson Road #09-01
Singapore 068897

Allianz Motor Car Protect Plan Features & Benefits

Choose this a car insurance plan that offers adequate protection at an affordable cost
  • Third Party Damage Coverage
    • S$5,000,000
    • Workshop Type
      • Any
      • Coverage for Loss/Damage to Vehicle
        • 100% of Market Value

        Ultimately, you should find a car insurance plan that matches your desired level of coverage and budget. Below, you will find a summary of Allianz Motor Car Protect’s core features and benefits for three plans. If you want to compare it to other car insurance plans in Singapore, we’ve prepared a guide on the best car insurance quotes you can find on the market.

        FeaturesComprehensiveThird-party, fire and theftThird-party only
        Accidental Loss/Damage (by fire & theft only)Market ValueMarket ValueN/A
        Accidental Loss/Damage (by accident or theft)Market ValueN/AN/A
        3rd Party Liability (Death)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
        3rd Party Liability (Damage)Up to S$5 millionUp to S$5 millionUp to S$5 million
        Windscreen (S$100 excess per claim)Market ValueN/AN/A
        24/7 roadside assistanceIncludedN/AN/A
        Young Driver Excess (above 27, with more than 1 year’s driving experience)S$500S$500S$500

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