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Revolut Standard Review: Is It the Best Multi-Currency Debit Card?

Best multi-currency debit card with no annual fee. Linked to either Standard, Premium or Metal Revolut Card Accounts

Revolut Standard Review: Is It the Best Multi-Currency Debit Card?

Best multi-currency debit card with no annual fee. Linked to either Standard, Premium or Metal Revolut Card Accounts


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  • Individuals who want access to a variety of currencies to exchange & store
  • Travelers who use cash overseas


  • Individuals who exchange currency outside of trading hours

The Revolut Standard debit card is an excellent option for individuals who want a multi-currency card that allows for exchange of a wide variety of currencies. Connected to a digital wallet, this card gives individuals the ability to store 28 different currencies in their account. Even better is that there is no annual fee, no minimum spend requirements, and no fees on ATM withdrawals (up to S$350 per month), making it a great no-obligation option for travelers.

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What Makes The Revolut Standard Debit Card Stand Out

Individuals who are in need of a debit card and digital wallet that allows for the exchange and storage of various currencies, should consider the Revolut Standard account. Revolut Standard is a digital wallet linked with a Visa debit card that has no annual fee, giving cardholders peace of mind by not requiring them to meet a minimum spend requirement. Additionally, Standard cardholders can withdraw up to S$350 per month overseas without having to pay an ATM fee, which is a great perk for individuals who prefer carrying cash while they travel. However, withdrawing more than this amount incurs a 2% fee, which is a pretty standard rate for a multi-currency card. Moreover, the Revolut account allows for exchange in 28 currencies, giving travelers more options when storing local currencies in their account. In addition to these perks, cardholders who typically carry a large bank account balance will benefit substantially as they earn 0.25% interest on their account balance, a feature that is not commonly offered from digital wallet services.

Despite offering an extensive list of available currencies, the Revolut Standard account does have a couple of disadvantages regarding its currency exchange feature. Depending on the type of currency and time of day/week, an account holder can incur fees up to 2.5% on their exchanges. This is in comparison to other digital wallets that typically charge up to 2%.

CurrencyStandard FeeHigh-Frequency Fee
THB and UAH1.0%1.5%
Other CurrenciesNo Fee0.5%
Precious MetalsNo Fee1.5%
CurrencyStandard Fee (Outside Market Hours)High-Frequency Fee (Outside Market Hours)
THB and UAH2.0%2.5%
Other Currencies1.0%1.5%
Precious Metals2.25%2.25

Market hours are based off of the London exchange trading hours | 'High-frequency' is currency exchange above S$9,000 per month

How to Apply for the Revolut Standard Debit Card

The process to sign up for a Revolut account is quite standard. Generally, once the account is created, you should receive your card within 9 business days.

  • Download the Revolut App
  • Enter your phone number and create a 4-digit passcode for your account
  • You should receive a 6-digit pin to verify your phone number
  • Enter in your personal information (name, mailing, address, email, etc)
  • Read and agree to the Cardholder Agreement
  • Submit

Revolut Standard Eligibility Requirements

There is no income requirement to open a Revolut account, however, you must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for the debit card. Additionally, there is no minimum deposit required in order to begin using your funds.

How To Close Your Revolut Account

In order to close your Revolut Account, you must first make sure that your app is updated to the most recent version. Next, navigate to “Settings” and press on the option to “Close Account”. Once you are there, the app will instruct you on how to receive the remaining funds in your account. Following this, you will be able to close your Revolut account.

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