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How Much Do You Need to Spend on 2020's Top Interior Design Trends?

Interior design in 2020 focuses on making your space comfortable and peaceful. Whether you want to incorporate the new year's focus on gentle curves or go for bold and bright colours, here's how much you should expect to spend on the top new trends.

A new year often comes with desire for change, improvement and new adventure. This sentiment doesn't escape your home, with new interior design trends making their mark on the first year of the new decade. Predictions from the top interior design magazines and stylists include curved spaces, bold walls and incorporating natural materials. While some of these are easy to expand on as they were already trendy in 2018 and 2019, others may require a bit more work. For people who are looking to renovate their homes in 2020, we've rounded up 4 commonly predicted interior design trends and their expected cost.

1. Curved Archways & Furniture

DotsnTots created archway entrances in a Bukit Batok flat
Source: DotsNTots

2020 calls for softer lines, with curved archways and furniture replacing the sharp and minimalistic edges that have dominated the 2010's. However, since creating archways means changing the structural integrity of your home, this trend may be easier to do if you have just purchased a home and are about to begin the renovation process. It's also a lengthy and costly process. Not only does demolition have an average cost of S$6,000 in a 4-room HDB flat, but you'll also need to pay for the labor and construction costs as well which can cost well over S$20,000. Nonetheless, it is a unique feature that can set your flat apart. For those interested, DotsnTots renovated a Bukit Batok flat with this trend in mind, so they may be an option to consider.

This table shows the average cost of curved and circular examples of furniture across different stores in Singapore

Beyond structural curves, curved furniture is also set to be popular in 2020 and can be a good option for those who can't change their flat's structure or who have a smaller budget. For a unique look, you can swap out traditionally square or rectangular furniture like kitchen islands, desks or sofas with oval or oblong variants. Round accents like throw pillows are a cheap and easy way to incorporate this trend as well.

2. Vertical Lines & Wall Panelling

This shows how vertical wood panels can bring an earthy and japanese vibe to a flat
Source: Mr. Shopper Studio/Qanvast

While archways and soft curves are predicted to be having their moment in 2020, vertical lines are set to do so as well. One popular way to implement this is through wall panelling. Most places will forego the wood material for fibreglass and resin to accommodate for the humid Singaporean climate, but it is possible to find some distributors that do use real wood. To make traditional wood panelling look up-to-date, you should consider painting it with a bold colour like black or navy blue. Otherwise, you can opt for a fluted wood panel, which is thinner and involves deeper grooves for a more contemporary look. SInce prices aren't readily available online, you will have to do a bit of comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best price.

Creating vertical lines isn't limited to wood panels. If you don't like the look of panelling, you can opt for vertical lines in your furniture instead. Fluted glass (glass with vertical grooves) lights are a good way to add visible vertical lines to your decor. This is the cheaper method of utilising this trend, as it doesn't involve building materials or manpower costs. Horizon-Lights has some affordable examples of fluted glass pendant and table lamps for under S$250. You can also buy tables or chairs that include vertical wiring.

3. Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture can add a natural element to a room

One of the cheaper interior trends on this list, rattan and wicker furniture are set to add a humble and earthy vibe into your 2020 home. Natural materials are continuing their popularity from 2019, so you can combine rattan and wicker furniture with fresh plants and sustainable wood furniture for an earthy look. If you are worried about rattan or wicker looking too dated, you can look for pieces in unconventional shapes or that are used as accents rather than the focal point of a room.

Average cost of wicker/rattan furniture in Singapore

4. Bold Walls

This room shows vibrant wallpaper that adds a pop of drama to the pastel bedroom

If you aren't a fan of wood panelling, there are plenty of other ways to dress up your walls. Bold hues and bright wallpaper are expected to be on-trend for 2020. Whether it's gem-toned hues like burgundy or blue or bold dark colours, a change in wall color is a quick way to make a drastic change in your living space. If you're feeling creative, you can also add geometric shapes and designs to your walls in bright or pastel colours. Not only can this create a truly unique space, but it is also a cheaper way to incorporate the arch and curve trend mentioned above.

This table shows the average cost of a paint project or wallpaper project in Singapore

If you are looking for something bolder than paint, then you can consider wallpaper. Once an outdated feature that reminded us of our grandparent's homes, wallpaper has had a resurgence with new floral prints, textures and customisation options. Because wallpaper is more expensive than paint, you can save money by only wallpapering one wall. Creating an accent wall with an interesting print is good enough to make a bold statement without making a room feel overwhelming. WallSG is offering a promotion of S$250 for select roll and wallpaper installation, which is enough to cover a small 4m x 3m wall. Otherwise, the price of the wallpaper will depend on the design.

Saving on Renovations

Since renovating your home can be very expensive, it is prudent to make sure you have enough money saved before undertaking new projects. This includes having enough for emergencies, such as unexpected plumbing or electrical issues. If you didn't have enough time to save the appropriate amount, you can compare renovation loans to find one with the most favorable interest rate. However, beyond just saving money for your renovation, there are also ways to reduce your overall cost. First, while you shouldn't skimp on contractors or design firms, as these are two places where you will get what you pay for, you should find ones within your budget and see if they offer any promotions. It is also imperative that the designers you do find are not out to get your money—in other words, they'll tell you if your design is suitable for Singapore's climate and is reasonable for your space.

This table shows the average home insurance benefits and premiums for HDB flats in Singapore

Second, you can always find cheaper versions of designer furniture. For instance, if you are set on an Eames chair but can't afford it, there are plenty of stores that offer similar styles for cheaper. You can also search through vintage or second-hand stores for pre-loved furniture and unique accessories that are cheaper than newer items. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you are significantly changing your home, you should let your home insurance company know so they can adjust your coverage. Not only is this necessary to receive coverage for new or expensive items, but it can also prevent underinsurance penalties.

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