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TorFX Money Transfer Review: Excellent Customer Service

TorFX is a great option for individuals seeking affordable transfers and attentive customer service.

TorFX Money Transfer Review: Excellent Customer Service

TorFX is a great option for individuals seeking affordable transfers and attentive customer service.


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  • Individuals that prefer having a dedicated account manager
  • Individuals seeking a no-fee money transfer service


  • Individuals seeking the fastest possible transfers

TorFX is the best no-fee, international money transfer service for those that value customer service. The platform pairs users with a dedicated account manager. This individual assists users as needed, with everything from tracking rates to basic account guidance. Users are given direct contact information for their account manager, ensuring that their customer service needs are met. On top of this service, TorFX offers transfers to more than 60 different currencies, which are typically completed within 1 to 2 business days.

Summary of TorFX's Remittance Platform
No Administrative Fees
Personalised Customer Service: Dedicated Account Manager
Wide Market Access: 60+ Currencies
Transparent FX Rates

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What Makes TorFX Money Transfer Service Stand Out to Consumers?

In many ways, TorFX is similar to other top remittance services. For example, the platform does not charge transfer fees and it offers transfers to 60 currencies within 1-2 business days. However, its customer service is what truly sets it apart. Users are assigned a personal account manager. Not only does this account manager track interest rates and provide foreign exchange market advice for users, they are also able to walk users through the process and even execute transfers on behalf of their clients. TorFX users even have direct phone numbers and email addresses for their account manager, ensuring easy communication.

TorFX Remittance Service Details
Minimum Transfer£100
Maximum TransferN/A
Transfer FeeN/A
Transfer Speed1-2 days

TorFX also allows users to make transfers of as little as S$150, which is helpful for those that might need to transfer smaller amounts from time to time. On the other hand, it is worth noting that TorFX does not transfer funds as quickly as some of its competitors. Still, it gets most transfers completed within one business day, which is likely fast enough for most. Overall, TorFX is an affordable service with unparalleled customer service.

How to Register: TorFX Money Transfer Service Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you want a no-fee service with outstanding service
  • Service Fee
    • N/A
    • Government Licence
      • MAS - Major Payment Institution
      • Maximum Transfer
        • N/A
        • Currencies
          • 60
          • Transfer Speed
            • 1-2 days

            In order to sign up for TorFX's money transfer services, you can click any of the buttons on this page. The registration process can be easily completed online and only takes a few minutes. You are required to submit contact information and your NRIC number. Once you've completed your registration you will be paired with your dedicated account manager. This professional will walk you through

            Required Information for Registration:

            • E-mail address
            • Mobile number
            • Physical address
            • Date of birth
            • Occupation
            • Nationality
            • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)

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