Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance: Worth A Buy?

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance: Worth A Buy?

Specializing in maximum coverage for travel inconvenience, Allianz's travel insurance plans feature a great blend of value, utility and affordability that make Allianz one of our favorite picks in the Singapore market.

Good for

  • Travellers who want high coverage for trip delays & cancellations and baggage issues
  • Travellers seeking good medical coverage
  • Travellers seeking terrific value for your money

Bad for

  • Travellers who want high coverage for personal accident and death
  • Travellers who want to be covered while participating in adventurous activities like water/winter sports or bungee jumping

Editor's Rating


With its emphasis on providing high-value solutions for customers no matter their budgetary or coverage needs, Allianz Global Assistance shows its set of travel insurance packages to be designed with a wide audience in mind. It doesn't hurt that no matter if you purchase its lowest-tier Bronze plan or highest-tier Gold plan, Allianz Global Assistance offers industry-beating coverage in the area most travellers actually need the most: travel inconvenience benefits.

Summary of Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

Competitive price but comprehensive coverageGood value for annual plansVery high trip inconvenience coverage compared to the average
Some of the highest value plans on the market
Restrictive with sports and other activities
Promotion: 48% off with "all48vc" for all plans

Table of Contents

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Whether you seek affordability, value or coverage in your travel insurance plan, Allianz Global Assistance has a option for you with its Bronze, Silver and Gold tier policies. All three of these plans offer among the greatest value within their pricing brackets based on the benefits provided for the cost.

People who care most about being reimbursed for travel inconvenience such as trip cancellations or delays and lost baggage will gain a lot from Allianz, as it offers some of the highest levels of trip inconvenience coverage. As the majority of travel insurance claims are travel inconvenience-related, this means that Allianz Global Assistance's travel insurance plans tend to be designed to protect you where it's most likely you'll need help. Other notable benefits include terrorism coverage, as well as coverage in case your travel agency becomes insolvent. Allianz also has an internal medical team of doctors and air ambulances to make sure you are covered in case of emergency evacuation or medical assistance, an assurance that not many competing insurers can boast.

A graph comparing value of travel insurance in Singapore from all major insurers in the country, assuming a 1-week trip in ASEAN region

If you are planning to engage in more specialized activities while on your trip such as water or winter sports, bungee jumping or a destination wedding, Allianz does not offer benefits in these areas. It also does not offer annual travel insurance packages for the Bronze tier. Thus, you will either have to find a cheaper annual plan, or opt for Allianz's Silver or Gold plan. Allianz Global Assistance also offers very little in the way of personal accident or death benefits compared to other insurers. If this is a feature you care deeply about, there are other plans out there that offer substantially more coverage. Finally, cost-conscious consumers who travel outside ASEAN to other parts of Asia and around the world may fare better with insurers like Budget Direct, Etiqa or FWD as they are cheaper.

Notable Exclusions

Allianz has quite a comprehensive list of exclusions with over 40 general exclusions and other benefit-specific ones. You won't be covered a variety of sports activities like skiing, trekking and open-water sailing. You also won't be covered if you have to shorten your trip relating to death, injury or sickness of anyone who lives outside of Singapore. You also won't be covered for the usual exclusions like pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, mental disorders and deterioration. It is highly recommended to read the policy wording to see what is included under each benefit.

Medical ExclusionsTrip Inconvenience Exclusions
Medical Expenses for pre-existing conditionsEngaging in sport for compensation
Pregnancy-related eventsItems taken by customs officials
Suicide and mental illnessBaggage sent separately or items left unattended
Cosmetic or elective surgery (unless necessitated by injury)Fragile articles
Travelling when you are medically unfitInability to travel due to business or contractual obligations
Metastatic or terminal illnessPandemics or epidemics, unless otherwise stated

Allianz Global Assistance Bronze Plan

Compared to other entry-level travel insurance plans in Singapore, the Bronze plan provides a level of coverage that's far from basic at a near-unbeatable value (especially taking into consideration the average promotion value of 50%). Though it tends to be among the cheapest for trips within the ASEAN region, whether you're going for a long weekend or for a summer holiday, it offers great value due to its above average coverage. However, it tends to be a little less cheap for trips in other parts of Asia or globally, so if you are looking to save as much money as possible on travel insurance, you may be better off with even cheaper plans like Budget Direct or Etiqa.

Of all the budget travel insurance plans we studied, Allianz Global Assistance Bronze offers the most coverage for general travel inconvenience, which includes disruptions like delayed or cancelled flights and lost or delayed baggage. Not only that, but it also provides the most coverage for medical expenses (S$400,000, compared to the S$262,061 industry average), whether you're travelling for 1 or 2 weeks, to Kuala Lumpur or to Paris. Overall, Allianz Global Assistance Bronze offers unbeatable value at an affordable price, and as such is a versatile choice for travellers who seek reassurance, while not breaking the bank.

Premiums & BenefitsBronze Plan PriceBasic Plan Average
1-Week ASEANS$22.00S$34.00
1-Week GlobalS$48.40S$59.00
Annual ASEANN/AS$196.90
Annual GlobalN/AS$282.49
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.720.62
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.470.67
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.370.65
Total Medical & Personal AccidentS$435,000S$411,000
Total Trip InconvenienceS$19,900S$10,500

Allianz Global Assistance Silver Plan

Among all the travel insurance plans we analyzed, Allianz Global Assistance's Silver plan stands out from the pack for its attractive combination of price and benefit. In fact, the Silver plan made our 2018 Editor's Picks for Best Value Travel Insurance in Singapore. The Silver plan, while priced competitively, may not be the cheapest mid-tier plan on the market (unless you're travelling to an ASEAN country, in which case it does tend to offer very cheap prices). However, the Silver plan makes up for its average pricing by offering the most coverage on the market for trip inconvenience, the most common problem travellers face. It also provides higher coverage for medical expenses than all but 3 mid-tier travel insurance plans we studied.

Compared to the Allianz Global Assistance Bronze plan, the Silver plan offers substantially more coverage in nearly every aspect. For example, it provides 50% more coverage for trip cancellations and even doubles the Bronze plan's coverage of personal accident and medical expenses. But what may be surprising is that depending on the duration of your trip, it may cost a trivial amount to upgrade your plan to Silver. For example, it can cost as little as approximately ten dollars to upgrade from Bronze to Silver for a 1-week trip to anywhere in the world. The prices you're quoted will differ depending on the particular circumstances of your trip, but it could be well worth looking into to see just how little it could cost you for significantly greater peace of mind.

Another distinction between the Allianz Global Assistance Bronze and Silver plans is that Allianz Global Assistance Silver offers annual travel insurance policies, which are optimal for the frequent flyer who may find himself travelling more than 3 to 5 times a year. Singaporeans who travel frequently out of the country for business could find the Allianz Global Assistance Silver plan to be a good choice.

Premiums & BenefitsSilver PlanMid-Tier Industry Average
1-Week ASEANS$35.40S$46.00
1-Week GlobalS$52.50S$78.00
Annual ASEANS$193.20S$242.00
Annual GlobalS$259.20S$340.41
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.460.88
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.350.89
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.560.91
Total Medical/Personal AccidentS$1,080,000S$819,600
Total Trip InconvenienceS$29,900S$16,700

Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan

If you want to maximise protection during your next trip out of Singapore, the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan should be on your list of travel insurance products to check out. With the most coverage for travel inconvenience of any travel insurance plan in Singapore as well as unlimited coverage of medical and emergency expenses, it shouldn't be a surprise that the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan has made our 2019 Editor's Picks for Travel Insurance with the Best Coverage Benefit. While this plan wouldn't be the best pick for travellers with a limited budget, there's no doubt that with the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan, peace of mind is guaranteed.

That being said, among top-tier travel insurance plans, the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan does not tend to offer the cheapest prices, instead tending to be priced close to the industry average. Whether this is a dealbreaker will be up to you. Nonetheless, based on our determination of value (benefits offered for the price), the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan tends to offer the most bang for your buck of all top-tier travel insurance policies, whether you're planning a long trip or short trip, or traveling to Thailand or the United States.

Premiums & CoverageGold PlanTop-Tier Industry Average
1-Week ASEANS$48.80S$56.00
1-Week GlobalS$75.90S$90.00
Annual ASEANS$263.45S$302.00
Annual GlobalS$366.30S$421.00
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.841.09
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.731.32
1-Week Global Value Ratio2.021.28
Total Medical/Personal AccidentS$3,100,000S$1,639,000
Total Trip InconvenienceS$42,900S$26,200

Sports Coverage

Allianz has pretty strict restrictions when it comes to sports coverage. You won't be covered for sailing, hunting, playing polo, mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing (other than hiking), parachuting or hang gliding. You do however, have a golf advantage cover that provides coverage for damaged or lost golf equipment that is in checked luggage.

Golf CoverBronzeSilverGold
Golf EquipmentS$1,000S$1,500S$2,000

Claims Information

Allianz has an online claim portal allows customers to submit and file their claims online easily. If you have problems uploading your claim you can call or email for assistance. If you are claiming for medical or dental expenses, you still have to send original copies of your supporting documents and an acknowledgement email to the address in the table below.

Contact Information
Customer Service(65) 6327 2210
24-Hour Emergency Assistance(65) 6327 2215
Claims Assistance(65) 6327 2215
Claims Email[email protected]
Address12 Marina View, #14-01 Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961 (attn to: Allianz Global Assistance)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

With so many options for travel insurance plans in Singapore, it's no wonder that picking the right one when planning your next business trip holiday can seem a daunting task. To help make your decision easier, our team at ValueChampion surveyed the scene to figure out which companies offer the best travel insurance plans. Below you'll find a summary of Allianz's premiums and benefits, as well as how they compare to the industry average. If you'd like to learn more, please consider reading our list of the best and cheapest travel insurance plans in Singapore.

BronzeSilverGoldIndustry Average
1-Week ASEANS$22.00S$32.45S$48.40S$46.00
Annual ASEANN/AS$193.20S$287.40S$248.00
1-Week AsiaS$32.40S$46.80S$69S$56.00
Annual AsiaN/AS$193.20S$287.40S$264.38
1-Week GlobalS$48S$57S$82.80S$78.00
Annual GlobalN/AS$259.20S$399.60S$355.00
1 Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.251.461.841.00
Annual Global RatioN/A1.692.071.00
Coverage Benefits (S$)BronzeSilverGoldIndustry Average
Personal Accident & DeathS$35,000S$80,000S$100,000S$329,300
Emergency Medical & RepatriationS$500,000UnlmtdUnlmtdS$767,600
Trip CancellationS$10,000S$15,000S$25,000S$12,900
Trip DelaysS$1,500S$1,500S$1,500S$1,300
Baggage Loss DamageS$7,000S$12,000S$15,000S$5,700
Baggage DelayS$1,400S$1,400S$1,400S$1,100

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