Etiqa Travel Insurance: Worth A Buy?

Etiqa Travel Insurance: Worth A Buy?

Travellers seeking one of the most wallet-friendly travel insurance plans in Singapore that doesn't skimp unnecessarily on features should absolutely consider Etiqa.

Good for

  • People seeking one of the cheapest plans on the market
  • People who want an affordable plan that doesn't sacrifice too much coverage for its low prices

Bad for

  • Travellers who want to maximise peace of mind
  • People seeking a high-value premium-tier plan

Editor's Rating


Travellers seeking wallet-friendly travel insurance plans in Singapore can benefit with Etiqa's plans. Consistently being one of the cheapest plans, Etiqa has very attractive prices and coverage that will provide adequate coverage for most travellers. However, if your criteria is comprehensive medical or trip inconvenience coverage, you may not get the coverage you need. This review is for Etiqa's eProtect Travel insurance plans, not their Tiq travel insurance.

Summary of Etiqa Travel Insurance

One of the cheapest travel insurance plans for trips in Asia & ASEANPriced like a budget plan with coverage of a mid-tier planA typical premium plan with average features and prices
First insurer in Singapore to provide real-time tracking of flight delays, automatic immediate assessment and instant approval for travel delay claims
Promotion: 56% off single-trip and 35% off annual-trip travel insurance; add'tl 10% off on Fridays

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Etiqa Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

The main reason you should consider Etiqa travel insurance is its affordability. Etiqa's Basic and Economy plans stand out in particular for offering among the cheapest prices for entry-level and mid-tier travel insurance plans on the Singapore market. Etiqa is also a leader in innovation as the first insurer in the Singapore market to provide automatic real-time flight delay claims approval, meaning that you can be reimbursed for your flight delays as soon as they occur. Below, we review each of Etiqa's three travel insurance plans in detail.

This graph compares the price of all the major travel insurance policies in Singapore for a 1-week trip in the ASEAN region in order to help consumers compare and find the cheapest travel insurance for their trip.

Notable Exclusions

Though Etiqa is lenient with sports-related medical events you can claim, it will not cover your sports equipment, including skis and snowboards. Medical exclusions are standard, including pre-existing conditions, pregnancy-related events, mental disorder, suicide and purposeful self-injury. Other main exclusions include participating in illegal activity, participating in war and trips exceeding 182 days.

Medical ExclusionsTrip Inconvenience Exclusions
Pre-existing conditionsParticipation in professional or compensated sports
Mental disordersItems taken by customs officials
Unnecessary dental expensesTravelling against advice of regulatory authorities
Pregnancy-related events unless life of mother or unborn is endangeredTravelling to a country at war
Travelling when medically unfitClaims paid for by other insurers
Loss or damage to leased or rented equipment

Etiqa Basic Plan

Etiqa has carved out a place for itself in the market for budget travel insurance plans with its Basic plan that offers rock-bottom prices within ASEAN and Asia without cutting out the coverage and protection you expect in a travel insurance policy. We think this is a great plan for the consumer who is interested in getting as cheap a plan as possible - without having to compromise too much on the very features you're looking for in travel insurance anyway. To get a better idea of the niche that Etiqa's Basic Plan occupies, let's compare it to its closest competitors in the budget travel insurance category: Budget Direct and FWD.

Etiqa vies with Budget Direct for tending to offer the top two cheapest travel insurance plans on the Singapore market for trips to countries within ASEAN and Asia more broadly. While Budget Direct's basic plan tends to run slightly cheaper than Etiqa's, where Etiqa distinguishes itself from Budget Direct is in the vastly superior level of coverage it provides. Budget Direct gets to its low prices by slashing coverage for a truly bare-bones plan - but Etiqa does not. Depending on the duration and destination of your trip, you can get at least four times as much coverage in areas like medical expenses and travel inconvenience with Etiqa Basic as you can with Budget Direct Basic for nearly the same price or a few dollars more.

Compared to FWD's basic plan (named the "Premium Plan"), Etiqa's Basic plan is often a little cheaper. However, it also offers marginally less coverage in the area of travel inconvenience, which encompasses disturbances like trip cancellations and delays as well as delayed or lost luggage. Also, FWD throws in coverage for sports equipment that Etiqa does not. For that reason, our team at ValueChampion rates the Etiqa Basic Plan as having a tad less bang for your buck than FWD's plan. However, we think that Etiqa's Basic Plan occupies a useful niche for travellers who want a level of protection pretty close to what's offered by insurers like FWD and HL Assurance at near-Budget Direct-level prices.

Basic Plan PriceBasic Plan Average
1-Week ASEANS$20.87S$34.00
1-Week GlobalS$31.90S$59.00
Annual ASEANS$133.25S$196.90
Annual GlobalS$219.70S$282.49
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.710.79
1-Week Asia Value Ratio0.790.78
1-Week Global Value Ratio0.680.74
Total Medical & Personal AccidentS$400,000S$411,000
Trip InconvenienceS$7,500S$10,500

Etiqa Economy Plan

If you are attracted to the budget-friendly prices of an entry-level travel insurance plan, but want that extra degree of protection afforded by mid-tier plans, Etiqa's Economy Plan could be a relatively inexpensive upgrade to consider. According to our research, Etiqa's Economy Plan consistently ranks within the top 3 of cheapest travel insurance plans within this tier. However, it offers quite below-average coverage for a mid-tier plan, and most travellers seeking the biggest savings will find cheaper options within the budget tier of travel insurance plans, for example FWD's Basic Plan. But here's where we think the Economy Plan shines: it actually costs around or even significantly below the average price of basic-tier travel insurance plans while offering substantially more coverage than many of them do. As a result, we consider the Etiqa Economy Plan to be a pretty high-value option, particularly compared to entry-level plans instead of second-tier plans.

Etiqa Economy PlanMid-tier Plan Average
1-Week ASEANS$30.78S$46.00
1-Week GlobalS$48.19S$78.00
Annual ASEANS$202.34S$242.00
Annual GlobalS$341.77S$343.00
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.911.03
1-Week Asia Value Ratio0.890.99
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.001.00
Total Medical & Personal AccidentS$400,000S$819,600
Trip Inconvenience (Baggage delay, cancellations, postponement)S$13,700S$16,700

Etiqa Business Plan

Etiqa's premium offering, the Business Plan, is fairly undistinguished in that it offers below-average to average levels of coverage compared to other top-shelf travel insurance plans while also running near the middle of the pack in terms of pricing. We think that if you're seeking maximum levels of coverage or great value in a premium travel insurance plan, there are superior choices available to you, such as the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan.

Etiqa Business PlanTop-tier Plan Average
1-Week ASEANS$39.67S$56.00
1-Week GlobalS$70.70S$90.00
Annual ASEANS$231.66S$302.00
Annual GlobalS$391.10S$421.00
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.141.33
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.181.32
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.101.35
Total Medical & Personal AccidentS$1,400,000S$1,639,000
Trip Inconvenience (Baggage delay, cancellations, postponement)S$21,000S$26,200

Sports Coverage

Though Etiqa doesn't have outright sports coverage, it does allow some adventurous activity such as skiing/snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving (above 30 metres), sky-diving, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, paragliding, parachuting and hot air balloon rides. However, there is no option for sports equipment coverage.

Claims Information

To submit a claim with Etiqa, you can either contact Etiqa to get the claims procedures or complete the online claim form and submit it online along with the necessary original documentation.

Contact Information
Customer Service(65) 6887 8777
24-Hour Emergency Assistance(65) 6327 2215
AddressEtiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. One Raffles Quay, #22-01 North Tower, Singapore 048583

Details of Etiqa Travel Insurance

To get the maximum peace of mind on your next trip, it is vital to make sure you will be adequately covered for whatever can happen without breaking your budget. Below, we have a summary of Etiqa's coverage and prices, as well as how it compares to the industry average. If you'd like to compare Etiqa to other plans in the market in more depth, you can read our guide to some of the best travel insurance plans in Singapore.

BasicEconomyBusinessIndustry Average
1-Week ASEANS$20.87S$30.78S$39.67S$46.00
Annual ASEANS$133.25S$202.34S$231.66S$248.00
1-Week AsiaS$22.88S$38.48S$46.84S$56.00
Annual AsiaS$141.89S$247.39S$262.40S$264.38
1-Week GlobalS$31.90S$48.19S$70.07S$78.00
Annual GlobalS$219.70S$341.77S$391.10S$355.00
1 Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.710.911.141.00
Annual Global Ratio0.570.700.991.00
Coverage BenefitsBasicEconomyBusinessIndustry Average
Personal Accident & DeathS$200,000S$300,000S$400,000S$329,300
Emergency Evacuation & RepatriationS$1,500,000S$1,500,000S$1,500,000S$1,043,000
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$10,000S$15,000S$12,900
Trip DelaysS$300S$500S$800S$1,300
Baggage Loss DamageS$2,000S$3,000S$5,000S$5,700
Baggage DelayS$200S$200S$200S$1,100

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