YouBiz Corporate Card: Will It Take Your Business Further?

Say goodbye to hidden cross-border fees and grow your business globally with YouBiz today.
YouBiz Corporate Card
YouBiz Corporate Card

YouBiz Corporate Card: Will It Take Your Business Further?

Say goodbye to hidden cross-border fees and grow your business globally with YouBiz today.


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  • Unlimited Cashback w/ no FX fees on Card Spend
  • Fast Access to Business Credit
  • Exclusive Perks w/ YouBiz Partners


  • Firms that primarily operate offline
YouBiz Corporate Card
YouBiz Corporate Card

A new product of Youtrip powered by Mastercard, YouBiz is a corporate card for businesses to earn unlimited one percent cashback and save with zero foreign exchange fees. Beyond payments, YouBiz is also integrating the card with a single hub to incorporate various features such as multi-currency accounts, local and international transfers, corporate expense management, seamless bill payments and other credit features.

Unlimited 1% cashback & 0% FX fees on all card spend
No Annual Fees, Minimum Transaction Volumes or Minimum Balance
Exclusive perks with YouBiz partners
Free Local Transfer
Multi-currency accounts in up to 9 currencies
Unlimited virtual & physical corporate cards
Real-time expense tracking

What Makes YouBiz Corporate Card Stand Out

Business are adopting digital tools and are trading with global vendors and suppliers to stay competitive. YouBiz delivers on these demands by providing payment products to streamline, improve and save on everyday business operations.

To serve business needs, YouBiz launched partnerships with Google to provide businesses with direct support for digital marketing services and established travel partners like and Qatar Airways on additional savings for travel expenditure as business travel resumes.

Finally, YouBiz Corporate Card has no annual fee or minimum account balance, which is great for start-ups looking for an affordable SME banking account in the long run. SMEs with multiple business transactions on a global scale or those seeking to drive expansions overseas should definitely consider the YouBiz Corporate Card.

Increase Savings With YouBiz’s Unlimited Cashback and Zero FX Fees

YouBiz Corporate Option is the best option for SMEs looking to expand their operations overseas with its unique selling proposition: It is the only corporate card to offer unlimited one per cent cashback and zero FX fees.

YouBiz Corporate CardAspire Corporate CardDBS Platinum Business CardMaybank Business Platinum MasterCard
FX Fees0%0.7% ~ 1.5%Up to 3.25%Up to 3.25%

The YouBiz Corporate Card offers SMEs unlimited cashback on all spending with no cap and restrictions – eliminating the need to manage and optimise their spending types. With savings from YouBiz’s zero foreign currency transaction fees, companies can accumulate additional funds to power other business operations.

Spending and managing individual employee expenses is also convenient with YouBiz’s ability to generate physical and unlimited virtual cards for payments in over 150 currencies at more than 80 million Mastercard merchants worldwide, online and in-store.

This not only reduces the risk of card-sharing, but custom spend limits on each card also prevent employees from overspending.

Giving SMEs Access To Greater Opportunities in Global Markets

YouBiz allows SMEs to receive, hold and spend in nine currencies and make immediate exchange at competitive rates with no additional fees. Doing business is also easier than ever with free local transfers and low, transparent pricing for international remittance.

  • SGD
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • JPY
  • HKD
  • AUD
  • CHF
  • THB

Having quick access to working capital is also crucial as companies scale up. After taking these demands into consideration, YouBiz launched YouBiz Credit, a credit facility that offers flexible business financing to SMEs, with no hidden or early repayment fees.

Boasting a credit approval process of two days, YouBiz allows businesses to obtain unsecured and collateral-free term loans on flexible terms quickly. The application is fuss-free and loans are disbursed seamlessly into the YouBiz account within 48 hours. Repayments are also made easy, where monthly repayments will automatically be deducted from the YouBiz Account.

YouBiz has also collaborated with several partners to deliver member-exclusive promotions and deals, to help SMEs prepare for global markets. Google and Shopee provide businesses with direct support for digital marketing services.

Established travel partners like Agoda, and Qatar Airways on additional savings for travel expenditure. The collaboration between Google Workspace and Exabytes also gives YouBiz members an exclusive deal for cloud computing, web hosting and other software features.

Enjoy Greater Convenience & Be Hassle-Free

YouBiz’s partnership with MasterCard greatly boosts the acceptance of YouBiz as a payment method throughout the world. All business transactions are delivered and streamlined in YouBiz’s unified control centre, making remittance, expense management and reconciliation a seamless process.

Spending and managing individual employee expenses is also convenient with YouBiz’s ability to generate unlimited physical and virtual credit cards for payments in over 150 currencies for each employee. This helps reduces the risk of card-sharing and having custom spending limits on each card also prevents overspending.

How does YouBiz Corporate Card Compare to Other SME Cards?

Read our comparisons of the YouBiz Corporate Card against similar business cards and learn what makes each card unique in its own way. We compare and contrast each card to highlight its uniqueness to help you identify the card that you need.

YouBiz Corporate Card v. Aspire Corporate Debit Card
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Stand-Out: No-Fee Cashback for Online Marketing & SaaS
Aspire Corporate Debit Card is an excellent debit option for today's tech-forward start-ups with large marketing budgets. Account-holders earn 1% cashback for their online advertising and software subscription spend. This rate is provided only for expenditures with a limited list of merchants but the qualifying list of vendors is quite comprehensive.

However, unlike the YouBiz Corporate Card, Aspire Corporate Debit Card isn't a great match for all SMEs. Spend outside of online marketing and SaaS isn't eligible for cashback rewards. Companies with broader and more diverse budgets might prefer a corporate card with a higher base rate. In fact, there are several options that offer anywhere from 0.30% to 1.5%+ on general spending. In addition, employers currently cannot issue cards to their employees. Overall, YouBiz is the option for startups and SMEs who want to make the most of their corporate spending without worrying about limited spend categories and cashback cap.

YouBiz Corporate Card v. DBS Visa Platinum Business

  • Annual Fee: S$194.40
  • Stand-Out: Boosted cashback for 1st month
DBS Visa Platinum Business Card is one of the best "everyday cashback" SME credit cards currently on the market. Every S$1 spend–including on recurring bills (Starhub, M1 Limited, SP Services & more)–earns a 0.40% rebate, which roughly aligns with the market standard. What really stands out, however, is that this rate is often boosted to an incredible 5% with a minimum spend of S$1,000 within the first 3 months. As a result, DBS Visa Platinum is a great option for companies with big monthly expenses.

DBS Visa Platinum Business Card is also attractive given its affordability, even though there is a S$192.6 annual fee. In addition, cardholders have access to S$1 million complimentary travel accident insurance and up to US$1.65 million annual coverage for employee misuse. Overall, traditional businesses with broader and more diverse budgets might prefer DBS Visa Platinum Credit Card.

YouBiz Corporate Card v. Maybank Business Platinum
  • Annual Fee: S$180.0
  • Stand-Out: Travel & local dining discounts, 2-yr fee waiver
Maybank Business Platinum is an affordable everyday cashback credit card for companies that stands out for its incredible array of perks. Account-holders earn points for their daily spending, which translates to 0.40% cashback in terms of redemption value. While this rate is slightly higher than the 0.30% market standard, it's still possible to earn higher rates with other SME cashback credit and debit cards–especially those with boosted category rates.

Still, Maybank Business Platinum Card's broad nature is actually a benefit as it provides flexibility. This flexibility also carries over to the card's perks. Account-holders can enjoy functional benefits–like flexible credit limits, automatic bill pay and extended interest-free crediting–as well as more pleasant perks, like dining discounts and travel privileges. Even with these perks, Maybank Business Platinum Card is still quite affordable with a S$180 fee, waived 2 years. Overall, businesses who want a straightforward rebate credit card with diverse and extensive benefits (but not a high fee) might be interested in Maybank Business Platinum Card.

YouBiz Corporate Card v. UOB Platinum Business
  • Annual Fee: S$181.68
  • Stand-Out: Extensive discounts on utilities, logistics and other essential business services
UOB Platinum Business Credit Card is simple and straightforward–account holders earn 0.30% cashback on all spending. While this rate is fairly average and doesn't stand out by itself, UOB Platinum Business Card is still worth considering for those who prioritise discounts on utilities, logistics, and other essential business services.

UOB Platinum Business Card offers discounts and deals with a variety of popular merchants. However, UOB Platinum Business Card's partners are focused more on operations than marketing or advertising. In fact, the UOB Commercial Privileges programme focuses on "Essentials & Services" (IT Essentials, Kumpulan Office Supplies, Nespresso Professional), "Utilities" (iSwitch, Union Power, Senoko Energy & more), and "Travel & Logistics" (Agoda, Expedia & DHL Express). Discounts with these vendors particularly caters to SMEs that spend a great deal on business basics.

Who Can Apply: Eligibility Criteria

Businesses operating in Singapore are eligible to apply for the YouBiz Corporate Card. In the case of an individual, he/she must be at least 18 years of age at the time of signing up for YouBiz and have the legal capacity to accept the terms and conditions.

YouBiz is required by law to conduct security and customer due diligence checks. Businesses involved in certain activities such as casinos, gaming or internet gambling companies will not be eligible.

How To Apply: Application Process?

Signing up for a YouBiz account and card is free and does not require any minimum account balance or card fees. Businesses can start creating their YouBiz card and account here.

Other Required Documents (Singpass)

  • A signed copy of the Board Resolution
  • Proof of Business Mailing Address (Only if your mailing address is different from your registered address)

Other Required Documents (Manual Applications)

  • ACRA Bizfile, dated within the last 3 months
  • A signed copy of the Board Resolution
  • Proof of Business Mailing Address (Only if your mailing address is different from your registered address)
  • Photo of your NRIC (Front & Back) or one of our accepted identification documents
  • Proof of Residential Mailing Address, dated within the last 6 months (Only if you are not using a Singapore NRIC)
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