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5 Affordable Babymoon Destinations

Want to squeeze in one last romantic, peaceful getaway before the arrival of your newborn? Here are 5 affordable babymoon destinations close to home where you can spend quality time with your partner.

Babymoons have become trendy in recent years. It’s your last chance for a vacation before your baby arrives. As new parents don’t get much sleep, a babymoon gives you the time for some rest and relaxation to prepare you for parenthood. According to Dr. Law Wei Seng of Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre, the best time to travel is between 4 to 6 months of pregnancy. Even though it’s generally safe to fly up to 36 weeks during a healthy pregnancy, you should discuss your travel plans with your doctor before booking your trip. Once you’ve gotten the green light, consider these 5 affordable destinations for some quality time with your other half.

1.Langkawi, Malaysia

Only a 1.5-hour direct flight away, Langkawi is the ideal destination for a laid-back getaway closer to home. You can relax on sandy beaches with crystalline waters and rejuvenate yourself with body massages, treatments and facials in the many spa centres on the island. At dusk, enjoy a romantic sunset dinner by the beach or satisfy your pregnancy cravings at the night market. Return flights via Scoot and AirAsia cost as low as S$88 in the first week of March. Since you’re awaiting the impending arrival of your baby, there’s no reason not to enjoy this vacation in comfort. Prices of 4-star hotels range from S$60 to S$160 per night, while 5-star hotels and resorts range from S$132 to S$681 per night.

This table shows the average cost of roundrip airfare to Langkawi, Malaysia and the cost per night of luxury hotels

2. Telunas Private Island, Indonesia

For a truly peaceful break from city life, Telunas Private Island is the place to be. To get there, you’ll have to take a 45-minute ferry ride to Batam. Once in Batam, you’ll be escorted by Telunas staff on another 1.5-hour longboat ride to Telunas Beach Resort. The spacious overwater rooms open up to peaceful sea views. In addition to your room rate of about S$459 per night, you’re required to purchase a meal plan for about S$93 per day which includes 3 meals a day, which makes this one of the pricier options on this list. However, to save some money, you can book a 4-night, which will give you the 3rd night free. On this WiFi-free island, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with your other half sans distractions. Read a book by the infinity pool, schedule yourself a mother-to-be massage or sign up for cooking classes on site.

This table shows the average cost of getting to Telunas Private Island and 2 hotels

3. Da Nang, Vietnam

With a coastline that stretches 30km, Da Nang is known for its white sandy beaches. Its proximity to the ancient town of Hoi An makes it a popular destination for babymooners who are looking for a varied travel experience. Expecting mothers would enjoy the tranquility of Non Nuoc Beach, a 20-minute taxi ride from Da Nang City. Lined with palm trees, Non Nuoc Beach is home to luxurious 5-star resorts and Michelin-starred restaurants. You can enjoy a view of the crystal-clear sea and the Marble Mountains, and pick a spa treatment of your choice from the wellness centres on site. Roundtrip flights to Da Nang start from S$183 in March. 4-star hotels start from S$32 per night while 5-star resorts and villas range start at just S$73.

This table shows the average cost airfare to Vietnam in the first week of March and the cost of 2 luxury hotels

4. Taipei, Taiwan

With its abundance of night markets with numerous stalls selling mouth-watering street food, there’s no better place than Taipei when you’re eating for 2. In this modern metropolis, you can enjoy the comforts and conveniences of city life while still taking a break from Singapore. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the famous Taipei 101 skyscraper. Cultural activities include visits to the museums and a day trip to the mystical village of Jiufen just a 40-minute ride from Taipei city. Eat your way through some of the most popular night markets like Raohe Night Market, Ningxia Night Market and Lehua Night Market. Roundtrip flights in March start from S$194 and 4-star or 5-star hotels close to the city centre cost under S$200 per night.

This table shows the average roundtrip flight to Taipei, Taiwan in the first week of March as well as the cost per night of two luxury hotels

5.Lijiang, China

With snow-capped mountains as its backdrop, Lijiang is an idyllic destination for a unique babymoon. Streams of clear water run through the cultural and historic Old Town (Dayan) where you can have a meal in the restaurants on the main street. The Old Town is traffic-free, making it a breeze to explore the romantic back alleys and cobblestone streets that reveal hidden gems. Your itinerary should include a visit to the Wangyu Pavilion that sits on top of a hill overlooking the Old Town, a trip to Lugu Lake inhabited by the Mosuo, Norzu, Yi, Pumi and Tibetan ethnic minorities, and a view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Black Dragon Pool. Depending on the flights you book, getting to and from Lijiang will require stopovers of varied durations. If you have layovers of more than 4 hours, take the opportunity to explore the layover destinations to make the most of your vacation. Return flights in March start from S$315 and 5-star accommodation close to Old Town range from as cheap as S$47 to S$313 per night.

This table shows the average roundtrip airfare to Lijiang, China and the cost per night of two luxury hotels

How to Save Money While Travelling When Pregnant

Since you’re expecting a baby, you have to be prepared for any medical emergencies or general discomfort that might require medical attention. Thus, it’s advisable to buy travel insurance that covers any emergency medical fees you might incur while you’re travelling (just make sure your insurance covers pregnancy conditions). To save on flights, use your accumulated credit card miles. As for accommodations, book your trip in advance and look out for discounts on sites like Agoda, as they sometimes offer flash mega sale discounts of up to 80%. You can also check with your hotel for babymoon packages. If you need to get around by car in your destination of choice, use a ride hailing app like Grab or Uber whenever possible to save you the trouble of haggling or getting ripped off if you hail a taxi on the street.

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