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Average Cost of a Staycation in Singapore 2024

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Singapore may be small, but there's plenty of fun things to do even for residents. Furthermore, after 2020's pandemic wreaked havoc on travel, many have turned to embrace the staycation in an effort to support the local economy while also taking a break from the mundanity of being at home. But what exactly is a staycation? In essence, a staycation taking a vacation but staying in your home country and exploring it as a tourist would. This includes staying in a hotel, going on excursions you haven't been on or going to a new part of town. In Singapore, there have been several new types of local excursions and deals cropping up ranging from to local cruises and flights to "nowhere" to staycation activities. In this guide, we break down the average cost of some common long-weekend staycations in Singapore.

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Average Cost of a "Cruise to Nowhere"

While you can't take a multi-destination cruise until 2022, you can take a cruise that will sail around Singapore. This can be a convenient and refreshing staycation since you physically depart Singapore and everything you need is within a short walk on aboard the ship. The average cost of taking a weekend-long cruise around Singapore is between S$277 and S$1,980 depending on the trip duration and type of room you want. If you want to stay in the cheapest room, the interior room, then you can expect to pay an average of S$276 to S$1,221 per night per person. To upgrade to a balcony room, you will have to pay around 20% more. Staying in a suite is the most expensive option and will cost an average of S$526 to S$1,979 depending on the length of your stay and your liner.

Length of StayLinerInterior RoomOutsideBalconySuite
2 DaysRoyal Caribbean - Quantum of the SeasS$276.5S$321.5S$336.5S$526.55
World DreamS$716.2N/AS$917.4S$1,339.1
3 DaysRoyal Caribbean - Quantum of the SeasS$394.4S$447.5S$456.4S$822.6
World DreamS$1,220.9N/AS$1,490.2S$1,979.0
4 DaysRoyal Caribbean - Quantum of the SeasS$480.7S$544S$561.1S$937.8
Prices taken from Royal Caribbean and World Dream Cruises. Prices subject to change.

Besides prices changing due to the duration of the cruise and your room type, prices also change depending on the date you sail. The price changes aren't insignificant either. For instance, a standard outside room booked for a 2-night cruise is S$259 for an April sail date, but S$449 for a June sail date—a 73% price increase. In addition to the base fare, you will also need to pay gratuity and fees. Gratuities range between S$10-S$25 per night and are based on your room and are charged daily. Fees are a one-time charge that you'll pay when you book your cruise. Lastly, you may have to get some form of protection against medical emergencies and COVID-19. Some cruise companies provide an option to add insurance protection, but you can get a travel insurance plan that provides cruise coverage separately.

Average Cost of Hotels in Singapore

One of the main perks of a staycation is staying somewhere besides your home. In many cases, people book a hotel for a pampered experience. Luckily hotels in Singapore are plentiful and there are options for any type of budget. Our research found that the median price for a hotel room in Singapore was S$255. However, it's possible to find hostels and budget accommodations for as low as S$30 per night or as high as S$3,300 per night for ultra-luxury accommodations.

AccommodationAverage Cost/night
Hotel (Budget)S$29
Hotel (Average)S$255
Hotel (Premium)S$502

Some hotels also offer staycation packages. These packages can give you room rate discounts of up to 50% off for adding an extra night or provide free breakfast, dinners or access to kid zones.

Average Cost of Activities in Singapore

The average cost of activities in Singapore is S$50 per person or ticket. With over 1,030 activities available in Singapore, there are plenty of things to do for the staycation-er. Whether you want to go to a museum or try out catching and cooking your own fish, there is something for everyone and it will be easy to find something you haven't done before. The cheapest type of activity to do in Singapore are nature and animal related activities, most of which cost under S$25 per ticket. These include the admission to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, the Singapore Zoo and the Singapore River Safari.

Activity TypeAverage Cost (per adult ticket/person)
Nature & Animal ExcursionsS$22.25
Theme & Water ParksS$24.35
Culture & MuseumsS$43.98
Outdoors & SportsS$62.10

On the other hand, the most expensive types of activities are tours. Tours are guided walking, biking, seafaring and sightseeing excursions that are self-led (cheaper) or led by a guide (more expensive). Guided walking tours around Singapore are quite affordable, costing around S$20 for the tour. The most expensive tours are island and fishing tours that can cost upwards of S$250 per person. If you want to save some money on these activities, you can use your S$100 SingapoRediscover vouchers for 461 activities in Singapore to offset the cost of some of the more expensive activities.

How to Save on Your Staycation

All in all, the average 3D2N staycation consisting of a hotel stay and 2 days worth of activities costs an average of S$760 for a family of 3 (1 child, 2 adults), before accounting for food and miscellaneous expenses. It may surprise you to see that a staycation can end up costing you almost as much as spending a week at your favourite ASEAN destination. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save. The first thing you should do is find whether any part of your itinerary is offering a sale. For instance, you can check to see if your cruise liner is offering nightly rate discounts or on-board credits. Those staying on land can see if their hotel offers free breakfast or has a discount for booking directly. You can also check out sites like Klook that provide 30-50% discounts on hotels and staycation packages. Lastly, you can even use your SingapoRediscover vouchers on certain hotels and activities to save up to S$100 on your booking.

Of course, you can also use air miles or rewards credit cards that provide points or discounts for hotels and entertainment. Some credit cards provide significant discounts at participating hotels in Singapore, while others will provide cashback on entertainment dining purchases.

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