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Cost of Going on a Cruise to Nowhere in 2022

Thinking of going on a cruise as most borders are closed? Here's how much it’ll cost and the available travel insurance in Singapore that’ll keep you safe.

(Update: Dream Cruises' World Dream has suspended operations in Singapore as of Feb 28, 2022; those seeking a refund will have to submit claims to the company.)

With the COVID-19 pandemic closing most if not all borders, many desperate for a vacation have turned to cruises to nowhere.

Currently, over 6.75% of Singaporeans have gone on cruises to nowhere offered by Royal Caribbean, constituting one-third of Global Cruise Travelers. Royal Caribbean International's President, Michael Bayley, sees a bright future for the Southeast Asian cruise market and hopes this move will attract more repeat customers within the Asian market—and why shouldn't it?

Cruises offer an easy and comfortable way of exploring new places without having to worry about food, room and flight expenses (if sailing locally). There are activities onboard for every type of traveler from spas to sports to activities for children. If you are interested in going on a cruise for your next vacation, read on to find out how much you should expect to pay.

3-Night Cruise to Nowhere - Ocean Getaway Cruise

Sunset on the cruise deck

If you are looking to go for a three-night cruise getaway during the June holidays, you can expect to pay around S$709 per person for an ocean view room, S$749 per person for a balcony room, and S$1,255 per person for a suite.

Apart from these rooms, Royal Caribbean also offers an interior room at S$609 per person. Your decision will ultimately come down to your preferences and budget.

However, you should keep in mind that due to safety management measures put in place, there will be capacity restrictions on the attractions on the cruise. As a result, you may spend a significant amount of time in your cabin.

Avg. Price Per Person
Interior RoomS$609
OceanView RoomS$709
Balcony RoomS$749
Port Taxes & FeesS$58.21
Total CostS$667 - S$1,313

4-Night Cruise to Nowhere - Ocean Getaway Cruise

Evening activities on a cruise ship

If you are looking to go for a four-night cruise getaway during the June holidays, you can expect to pay around S$769 per person for an ocean view room, S$849 per person for a balcony room, and S$1,405 per person for a suite. Apart from these rooms, Royal Caribbean also offers rooms with an outside view for S$769 per person as well as an interior room at S$674 per person.

Avg. Price Per Person
Interior RoomS$674
Ocean View RoomS$769
Balcony RoomS$849
Port Taxes & FeesS$58.21
Total CostS$732 - S$1,463

Ways to Save on Your Cruise Trip

There are several ways to save on your next cruise vacation (especially for the longer ones). The first way is to look at cruise liners calendars and see which dates are the cheapest. While you want to avoid dates that are cheap due to departures during unfavorable seasonal weather, you can save up to 30% just based on the date you book (this particular price difference came from choosing a date in early June as opposed to late June for a Europe cruise). Also, booking with a good miles credit card can help you shave roughly 10% of the cost by earning you points that you can redeem for future trips.

Secondly, you should check your cruise liner for onboard credits, free excursions and free wifi packages. At the same time, you should be aware of the value you're getting for certain packages such as unlimited drink packages that can cost up to S$60 per day. Unless you're a very heavy drinker, in most cases these packages will not be worth the cost and some cruise liners actually include drinks for free. Additionally, you should resist buying necessities like toiletries, sun screens or clothing aboard the ship—there is usually a high mark-up on these prices and it could be cheaper buying them at your next port.

Last, but certainly not least, you should arm yourself with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Cruise liners are notorious for being strict in their cancellation policies and since you are booking far in advance in some cases, changes to your schedule are bound to happen. Travel insurance can help cover the cancellation costs or postponement costs as well as help you onboard your cruise with emergency assistance and coverage for lost/stolen baggage or items.

Find the Best Travel Insurance for Yourself

We have recommended a few of our top choices for travel insurance that covers cruises below for you to choose from.

Income Travel Insurance

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Consider this if you want insurance that covers pre-existing conditions
  • Personal Accident Coverage
    • S$150,000-S$500,000
    • Trip Delay Coverage
      • S$1,000 to S$2,000
      • Baggage Delay Coverage
        • S$1,000 to S$2,000

        Standing out as one of the only insurers that cover pre-existing medical conditions, Income Travel Insurance plan also covers pre-existing conditions. As such, for travelers with a higher budget to spare, do consider Income Travel Insurance.

        Allianz Travel Insurance

        Consider this if you want extensive coverage
        • Personal Accident Coverage
          • S$80,000
          • Trip Delay Coverage
            • S$1,500
            • Baggage Delay Coverage
              • S$1,400

              Priding itself as an insurer that offers extensive coverage for trip delays & cancellations and baggage issues as well as 24/7 assistance, Allianz Travel Insurance is a great choice for travelers on a tighter budget.

              Etiqa Travel Insurance

              Consider this if you want travel insurance with affordable rates
              • Personal Accident Coverage
                • S$30,000-S$500,000
                • Trip Delay Coverage
                  • S$300-S$500
                  • Baggage Delay Coverage
                    • S$200

                    Travellers looking for wallet-friendly travel insurance plans in Singapore can also consider Etiqa's travel insurance plans. Consistently being one of the cheapest plans, Etiqa's Tiq Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage at attractive prices that will meet the average traveller's needs!

                    Considering getting travel insurance? Check ValueChampion’s expert review on travel insurance where we compare travel insurance plans in Singapore to find you the best cruise insurance!

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