DBS Travel Insurance: Is It a Good Deal?

DBS's travel insurance plans share in common a tendency to offer average coverage in most areas at prices close to the industry average, standing out only for their high coverage for baggage delay.
DBS Travel Insurance
DBS Travel Insurance

DBS Travel Insurance: Is It a Good Deal?

DBS's travel insurance plans share in common a tendency to offer average coverage in most areas at prices close to the industry average, standing out only for their high coverage for baggage delay.


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Personal Accident Coverage
Trip Delay Coverage
Baggage Delay Coverage


  • Above average baggage delay benefits
  • Covers skydiving, hiding, bungee jumping and water/winter sports
  • Classic & Premier plans are competitively priced for ASEAN annual plans


  • Lack of cover for golf equipment
  • Platinum plan is pricey compared to its peers
DBS Travel Insurance
DBS Travel Insurance

DBS's three travel insurance plans, the Classic, Premier and Platinum plans, can be summed up as offering medium, standard coverage in most areas at prices close to the industry average, with a particular emphasis on cover for baggage delays. Thus, if you want to make sure you have great coverage for your belongings, DBS may be a great fit. However, those who are looking for high value annual plans or budget-friendly options may find better options with other insurers.

Summary of DBS TravellerShield Travel Insurance
Above-average coverage for trip and baggage delays
Classic and Premier are competitively priced for annual ASEAN plans but Platinum plan tends to be pricey all around.
Premier and Platinum plans offer for golf equipment coverage
Mid-priced plan that does not excel over alternatives that are more affordable, include better coverage or have better value for your money
Will cover you even if you're participating in riskier activities like water sports, winter sports, skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking or riding a hot air balloon

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DBS Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

DBS's travel insurance plans share in common a tendency to offer average coverage in most areas at prices close to the industry average, standing out only for their high coverage for baggage delay. Because the DBS plans fail to excel whether you're seeking affordability, high coverage, or great value for your money, there is a high likelihood that you will be served equally well or better by a different insurer no matter if you're a budget traveller or luxury traveller.

However, if you are someone who likes to be active during your travels and participate in all sorts of sports activities, DBS may end up being a great fit. All DBS travel insurance plans will cover you if you engage in technically riskier activities, such as water sports, winter sports, skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking and hot air balloon rides. Another main strength of DBS's travel insurance plans is their very good coverage for baggage delays compared to other plans. If this is an issue that is important to you, DBS may be a good option. However, due to DBS's prices, we would recommend budget and mid-tier shoppers to also consider Allianz Global Assistance's Bronze/Silver plans or Citibank's Classic/Deluxe plans. This is because in terms of cost, DBS plans tend to range between being mid-priced and being on the more expensive side compared to the competition.

A graph comparing value of travel insurance in Singapore from all major insurers in the country, assuming a single-trip policy for destinations in ASEAN

DBS may not be a good choice for those who are looking for budget plans. Since their prices are around the average across all types of plans, you can find much cheaper plans regardless of what kind of plan you are looking to buy. Additionally, though DBS has well-rounded coverage, some of the cheaper alternatives may offer either higher medical or trip inconvenience coverage (like FWD).

Notable Exclusions

DBS has a standard exclusion policy which includes pre-existing conditions, participation in competitive sports, declared or undeclared war or riots and travelling against the advice of either your doctor or the Singapore Government.

Medical ExclusionsTrip Inconvenience Exclusions
Medical Expenses for pre-existing conditionsEngaging in sport for compensation
Pregnancy-related eventsItems taken by customs officials
Suicide and mental illnessBaggage sent separately or items left unattended
Cosmetic or elective surgery (unless necessitated by injury)loss or damage of hired equipment
Travelling when you are medically unfitInability to travel due to business or contractual obligations

Sports Coverage

DBS offers golf equipment coverage and full sports activities coverage for its Premier and Platinum plans. You will be covered for bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, mountaineering (below 3,000 metres), skiing/snowboarding, canoeing/white water rafting and underwater activities such as scuba diving (with an instructor).

Golf CoverClassicPremierPlatinum
Golf EquipmentN/AS$1,000S$1,500

Claims Information

To ensure quick claims processing, you have to submit your you claims within one month of returning to Singapore. For policies purchased 1 January 2018 onwards, you will be submitting claims through Chubb. You have one session to complete your claim. If you do not have enough materials or enough time, you can request a PDF form. You should make sure you have all the required documentation for faster and accurate processing.

Contact Information
Customer Service(65) 6398 8797
24-Hour Emergency Assistance(65) 6322 2132
AddressChubb Insurance Singapore Limited, 138 Market Street, #11-01 CapitaGreen Singapore 048946
Claims Email[email protected]

Summary of DBS Travel Insurance Coverage

DBS Travel Insurance
DBS Travel Insurance

Though looking for a travel insurance plan that gives you good value for your money while addressing your most pressing concerns may be the last thing you want to do when planning your next vacation or business trip, taking the time to do your research can really pay off. Below, we prepared a summary of how DBS compares in price and benefits against the industry average. If you’d like to learn more about please consider reading our list of the best travel insurance in Singapore.

ClassicPremierPlatinumIndustry Average
1-Week ASEANS$26.25S$33.25S$45.50S$46.00
Annual ASEANS$168.00S$232.00S$344.00S$248.00
1-Week AsiaS$31.00S$41.00S$61.25S$56.00
Annual AsiaS$208.00S$272.00S$392.00S$264.38
1-Week GlobalS$44.50S$54.25S$76S$78.00
Annual GlobalS$288.00S$360.00S$520.00S$355.00
1 Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.810.901.241.00
Annual Global Ratio0.560.750.891.00
Coverage BenefitsClassicPremierPlatinumIndustry Average
Personal Accident & DeathS$150,000S$200,000S$500,000S$329,300
Emergency Medical & RepatriationS$1,000,000S$1,000,000S$1,000,000S$1,043,000
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$10,000S$15,000S$12,900
Trip DelaysS$1,200S$1,600S$2,000S$1,300
Baggage Loss DamageS$3,000S$5,000S$8,000S$5,700
Baggage DelayS$1,200S$1,600S$2,000S$1,100

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