Hotel G Review: Perfect For A Cosy Weekend Getaway Stay

Located smack-dab in the middle of Singapore, Hotel G is a boutique hotel perfect for travellers looking to explore the vibrant city centre or people in Singapore just wanting a cosy weekend getaway.

Hotel G entrance

I had the chance to stay at this hotel for myself recently and I found myself impressed with what this Instagram-worthy hotel has to offer, from the various Instagram-worthy nook and crannies to the overall offerings that Hotel G was able to offer for my stay.

Read on for my full review of Hotel G, inclusive of room, entertainment and dining so that you can decide if Hotel G will be your next getaway destination.

Hotel G Features & Promotions
Key Features:
  • Wallet-friendly
  • IG-worthy
  • Great location
  • Wide variety of food and supper spots within and nearby the hotel
  • Hotel is located near iconic hipster hotspots such as Haji Lane, Bugis Street, Bras Basah
  • Near attractions such as Escape Rooms at Peace Centre
  • All-day private working space
  • Easy access to amenities
  • Easy conversion to an overnight stay for individuals who wish to work through the night
  • Refreshing rustic change to the usual work environment

Hotel G Prices: Below-Average Rates For Weekend Stays

While looking at the types of rooms available, I found that Hotel G is perfect for Singaporeans and students who want a comfortable weekend getaway without breaking their wallets.

Hotel G room

Its most expensive room, the Greater Room King, averages S$250 per night for a weekend stay, while the Good Room Single averages S$150 per night.

RoomCost Per Night
^ Prices are based on bookings made on the weekend

Given that prices for hotel stays in Singapore range from S$70 to S$2,300, with a majority within the S$300 to S$600 range, I can safely say that Hotel G stands out for its ultra-affordable rates.

However, just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you have to make tradeoffs in terms of comfort and service, as I found out during my stay at Hotel G.

A GOOD Short Getaway

Hotel G concierge

No matter whether you’re looking for a GOOD stay, or something greater, Hotel G probably has it for you. Literally.

I love the fuss-free industrial aesthetic of Hotel G, lending it a simplicity I was hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

For people who live for the gram, this is the place for you; there are IG-worthy spaces of interest hidden in nooks and crannies all around the property just waiting to be discovered.

Hotel G Lobby Artwork

The rooms within the hotel can be ascribed as minimalistic, with every space perfectly utilised. Despite the small space, a cleverly-placed mirror and the high ceiling helps to open up the room for me magnificently.

Mirror picture of Hotel G room

Upon reaching the room, I found several familiar items missing, such as the lack of a wardrobe or a refrigerator. However, as I found out later, it doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on these luxuries while you’re there.

Clever room designs see small spaces transformed into places for guests to hang their clothes and store their luggage while a simple call to the reception counter will see ice being delivered to your room quickly.

I found the rooms and facilities extremely clean, and the staff very polite and helpful. Laundry services are also available if you meet with any unfortunate food accidents or clothing shortages.


For those who are sick and tired of working from home, you might want to treat yourself to a work/staycation at Hotel G. Every room in Hotel G comes equipped with capabilities that’ll allow you to focus and work in peace.

Hotel G room

While I was working there, the quiet environment allowed me to fall into a deep and focused mode, making it easy for me to get my work done quickly.

The work table is spacious, and you have ample space for your laptop and documents, as well as space for food and drinks if you desire. A lamp situated right above the table allowed me to see my documents and computer properly.

Hustle & Grind Day-Use Package

Hotel G itself doesn't have a work lounge. However, should you require a place to hold a meeting with clients you need to impress, the hotel's restaurants' facilities are available for booking. The hotel can make reservations for customers on their behalf with the restaurants as long as they have the preferred date, time and number of people attending the meeting.

Hotel G also has a day-use package, the Hustle and Grind, that allows guests to work out of their homes in a quiet setting, equipped with all the amenities they need. It costs S$90++ per day use, and should you want to stay overnight, you can opt to turn it into a staycation with an additional S$50++.

With the package, the guest can enjoy working in Hotel G's Good Room from 7am to 7pm; do take note that the room featured in the package is different from the one featured in our review, which was booked for a staycation.


Hotel G is home to two well-known dining establishments from across the borders. The first is a well-known American burger restaurant originating from L.A., and the second is one of the best French steakhouses in Singapore.

25 Degrees

Named after the precise temperature between a medium-rare and well-done burger, 25 Degrees is a legendary burger, wine and liquor bar originating from the Hotel Roosevelt at Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

25 degrees bar

25 Degrees features an old Hollywood charm with a no-frills, casual vibe. Set on the first floor of Hotel G, the bar is a cosy establishment with indoor and outdoor seating.

Having eaten at the original bar in Los Angeles, the food served at this humble establishment in Singapore does not disappoint. The immaculate service is coupled with an assortment of plates and wallet-friendly prices.

Below are some of my top picks at 25 Degrees:

The Number One Burger - $14, $18 with sides

The number one burger from 25 degrees bar

Despite the unassuming name, the numero uno burger packs a punch.

I found the juicy ground sirloin beef patty, which can be cooked to your desired doneness, seasoned well. It comes slathered between a grilled buttered bun laden with bacon, caramelised onions, arugula, Crescenza and blue-veined Prelibato Gorgonzola cheese, and topped with thousand island dressing.

For the health-conscious, gluten-free buns are available for an additional $2. Alternatively, you can craft your own burger at 25 Degrees with any combination of beef, chicken, tuna, turkey or veggie patties, various sauces, a plethora of cheese and amazing extra toppings.

The 25 Degree Wings - $8

Wing and burger spread from 25 degrees bar

While 25 Degrees are known for their burgers, I’ll definitely recommend the 25 Degree Wings. Fried and tossed in a secret homemade sauce, the wings give off a subtle yet familiar fragrance with a spicy kick.

For lovers of curly fries, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this appetiser because if curly fries are good, curly fries slathered and steeped in 25 Degrees’ homemade secret sauce are great.

The Salted Caramel Milkshake - $12

If you thought putting salted caramel ice cream, potato chips and pretzels into one milkshake is crazy, you’re not alone.

But 25 Degrees managed to make it work and to my intense surprise, the result is a refreshing milkshake that looks and tastes good.

Salted Caramel Milkshake at 25 degrees bar

Be prepared for the beautiful combination of sweet, buttery caramel and tangy sea salt with every sip.

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Located on the ground floor of Hotel G, just beside 25 Degrees, is Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, a bistro-style French steakhouse and wine bar in the heart of Singapore’s arts district.

The restaurant features a grand bartop and a cosy seating area on two levels, giving off an upper-class but casual and speakeasy vibe.

With an extensive liquor and wine collection starting at S$6 per glass and a wide selection of charcoal-grilled meats, premium cold cuts and cheese, Ginett, to me, is the perfect place to have dinner and wind down after a hard day, or week, at work.

Baguette and Butter - Free of Charge

Baguette and butter

Firm to the touch and browned to perfection, the garlic bread gives an addictive umami and a delicate yet brittle crunch on my tongue. Accompanied with a smooth slate of butter, the rich combination was a great start to the meal.

Oyster Fine de Claire - $7/$26/$48

Oyster Fine de Claire

For fans of fresh seafood, the Fine De Claire is one not to be missed. Served on a bed of clear ice, be prepared to experience an explosion of flavours with every bite.

La Saint Jacques - $36

La Saint Jacques

The La Saint Jacques is served on a beautifully-designed mosaic plate, with Hokkaido scallops and cauliflower pan-seared to perfection, accompanied with a smooth truffle cream. Soft and tender, the truffle cream added an extra dimension of flavour to the briny taste of the sea.

Dry Aged Australian Black Angus MB3+ - $52

Dry Aged Australian Balck Angus MB3+

The juicy ribeye steak combines beautifully with the fragrant and savoury bearnaise sauce, elevating the dish with notes of dill and tarragon.

Beef Tartare “à la Montmartre” Served With French Fries - $26

The beef tartare is a plate of raw beef traditionally served with onions, capers, pepper, Worcester sauce and topped with a raw egg.

Ginett prepares their beef tartare slightly differently and it doesn’t come with a raw egg.

Beef Tartare

Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed the slight tartness to the dish, enhancing the smoothness of the loin.

La Côte De Boeuf - $169

La Côte De Boeuf

Weighing a whopping 1kg, the Côte De Boeuf is a Ginett speciality. It’s a massive, prime rib bone served with three sauces - the Béarnaise, pepper or blue cheese sauces.

The Béarnaise sauce’s light, creamy texture pairs well with the hearty steak and is an unparalleled choice for exquisite steak lovers looking to share a plate.

Domaine Raimbault Sancerre Rosé - $12 Per Glass, $60 Per Bottle

Domaine Raimbault Sancerre Rosé wine originates from the Loire Valley in France and is made from the Pinot Noir grape variety.

Domaine Raimbault Sancerre Rosé

The “Love Wine” - as it is nicknamed - has a lovely salmon pink colour. On the palate, I found that the fruitiness of the Rosé is balanced with a little zest, spice and a hint of tannin on a soft, lively body.

The lightness of this wine pairs well with seafood and poultry.

Tarte au Citron - S$9

Tarte au Citron

For dessert, I had Ginett’s take a mashup between an apple crumble and an ice cream sandwich. With the delicate tanginess and sweetness of the ice cream, the buttery crumble of the pastry and the savoury crunch of the peanut brittle, the dessert and wine are perfect to wrap up the meal.

A Bustling District

No matter whether you’re an aspiring foodie or an adrenaline lover, there’s always something nearby Hotel G that’s right up your alley.

The hotel itself is within walking distance of Dhoby Ghaut, Bras Basah and Bugis.

Image Source: Google Maps

For gadget lovers, there’s the treasure trove of Sim Lim Square perfect to spend a day combing through.

And for heritage lovers, the Waterloo Street Temple and the arts district would be the perfect places to explore on a sunny day out.

There’s also a popular escape room located at Peace Centre just nearby the hotel for adrenaline junkies. At the escape room, you’ll be thrown into hypothetical situations where you have to make a thrilling escape from a prison island or Japan’s infamous suicide forest, among others.


Hotel G is perfect for the average traveller looking to explore the bustling central district of Singapore.

It’s also an ideal location for individuals who wants a place to rest and recharge from the blistering pace of modern life, or just to break the monotony, without breaking their wallets

Nonetheless, for its price, I can truly say that any individuals staying at Hotel G will definitely get more than what you paid for.

Interested in staying at Hotel G for yourself? Use the promo code ValueChampion to get 15% off your stay until the end of the year.

For more financial tips and guides on navigating modern-day life in Singapore, you can check out our website here.

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