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Splurging on Seclusion: Cost of 5 Remote Honeymoon Destinations

How much would you be willing to spend to have your honeymoon in some of the remote hotels in the world?

After a hectic wedding, the first thing you want to do is get away from everyone and get some peace and quiet. Luckily, a few resorts cater to just that—a haven that is completely separated from the world and even other guests. Below, we take a look at some of the most secluded resorts that can be perfect for your next honeymoon.

For the Ultimate Private Island Experience: Laucala Resort (Fiji)

Is your definition of privacy your own private island? If so, Laucala Resort will not disappoint. It sits on its own private island and offers an 18-hole golf course, a variety of water sports (including windsurfing, water skiing and snorkeling) and a variety of bars and restaurants. Beyond appealing to the luxury traveller, the resort can also appeal to sustainable travellers, as the resort grows its own livestock, poultry and vegetables. However, while the activities are all inclusive, a stay at the resort comes at a hefty price. One bedroom villas have a base starting price of around S$6,616 per night.

This table shows the expected cost of a 7 night stay and roundtrip airfare at Laucala Resort

For a Spiritual Honeymoon in the Mountains: Gangtey Lodge (Bhutan)

Rated as one of the top resorts in Asia and one of the World's Top 100 Hotels, Gangtey Lodge is a great honeymoon option for couples looking for an untraditional getaway. The lodge is located on a remote, mountainous landscape and only has 12 suites. Despite the luxuriousness of this lodge, it can be a good fit for couples looking for a spiritual and down-to-earth experience. It offers meditation classes, spiritual cleansing and morning and evening prayers. There are also outdoor activities like hiking, archery and mountain biking. Additionally, prices aren't as high as other remote resorts, at approximately S$685 ($500 USD) for a double room during low seasons and approximately S$1,301 ($950 USD) during high season.

This table shows the expected cost of a 7 night stay and roundtrip airfare at Gangtey Lodge

It is important to mention that everyone except Indian nationals has to book their trip to Bhutan through a travel agent and will also need to secure a visa. You can book directly from the hotel's website and they will set you up with a local travel company if you don't have a preferred travel agent.

For the Adventurous Couple: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge (Alaska)

Is your idea of a great honeymoon to be dropped off onto a ski slope from a helicopter? If so, then the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska, USA will offer the best combination of adventure and privacy. The lodge is located 40 minutes away from Anchorage, nestled in the isolated Tordrillo Range. It offers private cabins and plenty of adventurous activities depending on the season. Winter stays will give you opportunities to ski (cross country and downhill), snowshoe, fat bike and skate sik. In the summer, you can go on a guided fishing trip on Judd Lake, canoe, kayak, water ski and ice climb. You should just be sure you and your winter rental equipment is protected with a sports-oriented travel insurance plan.

This table shows the expected cost of a 7 night stay and roundtrip airfare at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

However, this is one of the more expensive resorts. The heli ski package starts at $15,000 USD per person. If you want the full lodge for yourself, you should expect to spend over S$100,000. Nonetheless, more affordable options are available if you choose different packages that don't include a heli excursion everyday or if you choose to stay in a guest cabin.

For a Beautiful Beach Experience: Saffire Freycinet (Tasmania)

For the couple who wants a unique but secluded beach-side experience, Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania can meet your needs. Located a 2-hour drive away from Tasmania's airport, Hobart, it is located on a breathtaking piece of beach. It also offers plenty of activities such as fly fishing, archery, golfing, kayaking and mountain biking. You can also sign up for signature activities like learning about bee-keeping and honey-making, visiting an oyster farm and taking a guided tour to see the endangered tasmanian devil. In terms of suites, you should opt for the private pavillion to get the most privacy. It offers a dinner-in-suite option by one of the resort's chefs and a private plunge pool in addition to a $200 AUD property credit. Prices differ depending on the dates of your stay, but they range between S$1,960 and S$2,988 per night.

This table shows the expected cost of a 7 night stay and roundtrip airfare at Saffire Freycinet

For a Honeymoon in the Desert: Qasr Al Sarab Resort (Abu Dhabi)

Popular honeymoon destinations are often in tropical paradises surrounded by crystalline beaches. But for the couple whose idea of luxury is privacy in a unique landscape, the Qasr Al Sarab Resort may be a better option. Located 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi in what is known as the "Empty Quarter", Qasr Al Sarab offers an exclusive honeymoon experience with villas in a variety of privacy levels. For the ultimate remote experience, it offers 10 Royal Pavilion Villas that are completely separate from the rest of the hotel. Each villa comes with a private plunge pool, private chef, a Villa Host to cater to your needs access to plenty of adventures to keep your honeymoon exciting. For instance, there is tennis, sand boarding and a full spa.

This table shows the expected cost of a 7 night stay and roundtrip airfare at Qasr Al Sarab Hotel

For couples who are looking to do multiple activities, the hotel offers two complimentary desert activities if your stay is two nights or longer if you book through Anantara. They also offer discounts of up to 15% for advanced purchases and 25% off if you stay for 5 nights or more. The Royal Pavilion Villas cost between S$1,664 and S$2,293 per night (excluding taxes and fees), depending on your booking dates.

Saving On Your Honeymoon

Regardless of whether you are willing to splurge on your honeymoon, it is always a great feeling to snag a great deal or save some money. For instance, considering that you may have spent a lot of money on your wedding, you probably accumulated a lot of credit card points that you can use to redeem for your flights. Furthermore, you can check with the hotel to see if they offer a honeymoon discount or if there are discounts for longer stays (as is the case with the Qasr Al Sarab). If there are no discounts on the rooms, you may at least be able to get a spa, dining or activity credit. Lastly, you should consider being flexible with your honeymoon dates, even if it's by a few days. For instance, we noticed that adjusting your check-in or check-out dates by a day or two at Saffire Freycinet can save you 15% on your room rates.

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