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Which Disneyland in Asia is Cheapest?

Thinking of a trip to Disneyland? We broke down the costs of the 3 Disneylands in Asia to find out which location is the most affordable.

A Disneyland vacation is a dream come true for children all around the world. Singaporean children are especially lucky, as they have 3 different Disneyland locations all a short flight away. But while children may be daydreaming about seeing their favourite characters, parents are thinking about how to budget for a traditionally costly vacation. To help parents budget for a trip to Disneyland, we analysed the costs of a weekend trip to 3 Disneyland destinations in Asia.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the Cheapest Option for Singaporean Families

Out of the three Disneyland destinations in Asia, families who want the full Disneyland experience will spend the least at Hong Kong Disneyland. Not only are 2-day passes 12-28% cheaper than at the Shanghai and Tokyo Disneylands, but your total airfare and Disneyland accommodations will be a fraction of the cost of travelling to Shanghai or Tokyo locations. Furthermore, Hong Kong Disneyland offers meal vouchers that cover the cost of 2 meals and a snack. This can be a significant cost reduction for families who prefer to eat out, since most Disneyland restaurants are typically quite costly.

Average Cost of a Long Weekend Trip to Disneyland

This table shows the average cost of a 4 day, 3 night stay for a family of 3 across different Disneylands in Asia

On the other hand, Disneyland Tokyo will cost families the most. Although Tokyo's 1-day ticket is actually the cheapest of the 3 destinations and its 2-day ticket is also cheaper than Shanghai's by around S$100, the high cost actually comes from airfare and hotels. For instance, the average cost of a standard room in a Tokyo Disneyland resort is 40% more expensive than Hong Kong Disneyland's accommodations. Airfare is even more expensive, costing almost 3 times as much as a flight to Hong Kong. While you can save on expenses by choosing alternative accommodations, such as staying in a 3-star hotel in Tokyo or an Airbnb, you would still end up spending almost S$1,000 more than you would travelling to Hong Kong Disneyland.

How to Save on a Trip to Disneyland

In some cases, you may prefer to go to a particular location no matter the cost. To save on your trip regardless of which location you choose, you can check for discounted dates and sales, find accommodations outside of Disneyland and using a generous rewards card.

Look for Resort Hotel Discounts and Pass Vouchers

Disney Parks often run discounts and promotions on their passes and accommodations. For instance, you can save 30% off your ticket prices by booking your visit for a weekday trip to Shanghai Disneyland as opposed to booking for a weekend. Furthermore, you may also qualify for a 25% early bird hotel discount, which will reduce your overall costs by S$360 for a 3 night stay. On the other hand if you are going to Hong Kong Disneyland, you should opt for a ticket and meal voucher combo, as this will save you 10% as opposed to purchasing them separately.

Find Alternative Accommodations

You can also avoid staying at the park's resorts and opt for hotels in the city. With the exception of Tokyo, the average price of a 5-star hotel outside the park costs 33-66% less, which can lead to considerable savings of several hundred dollars over the course of the weekend. Furthermore, while the average cost of a 5-star hotel in Tokyo is higher than a standard room at one of Tokyo Disneyland's resorts, you can find an exceptional 4-star hotel in Tokyo for 30% less.

This graph shows the average cost per night of a 3-star, 5-star and Disneyland resort standard room per night in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan

Other Methods of Saving

Lastly, you can save through auxiliary measures such as taking advantage of your credit card perks and protecting yourself with travel insurance. First, you should see whether your credit card's rewards are enough to offset some of the cost of the flights or if your card offers discounts to certain hotel chains. Some cards even offer cashback for purchases in a foreign currency, which can offset some of your costs when abroad. To protect against unexpected costs, especially since you will be travelling with little ones, a travel insurance policy can also come in handy. These policies will cover you for delays, lost luggage and other inconveniences that are more difficult to deal with when travelling with small children.

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