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4 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2020

This year Mother's Day will be celebrated amidst a global pandemic and mandatory quarantine. What gifts make the most sense this Mother's Day?

The past months have been a trying time for many around the world. With Mother's Day coming up, many of us want to be able to show support for our mothers during this circuit breaker. Whether you're on a tight budget or not, we've identified some nice gifts that will brighten her day. Since we are all home-bound, we have shortlisted some gifts that you can purchase online.

Time-Saving & Hassle-Free Kitchen Gadgets

Cooking for a family can be a full-time job. Mothers often make the cooking process look effortless, when in reality lots of work goes behind preparing even a simple meal. Especially at this time, when we are restricted from dining out, the effort for cooking at home has multiplied for many mothers. Thankfully, cooking can occasionally be less cumbersome with the help of a few handy kitchen gadgets. Some of these tools not only make cooking a breeze, but they also reduce household's electricity consumption and create healthier recipes.

Prices of Handy Kitchen Appliances

For example, thermal cookers are energy-saving thermal insulation devices, which retain heat and cooks food without continuous heating. They minimise heat loss, keeping food hot enough to continue cooking and avoid bacterial growth for many hours. On the other hand, health conscious mothers might prefer an airfryer. These appliances circulate hot air around food to cook it quickly. The device ‘fries’ food without the need to submerge it into the hot oil, hence resulting in healthier meals and eliminating the greasy aftermath of conventional frying.

Those with very large budgets or contributing to a gift with other family members, might be interested in the Thermomix, which combines the functions of different appliances in one. For example, this device can weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, and bake, making it quite useful for those that spend a lot of time cooking.

Beautifying Skincare Products

Many women love to beautify themselves; mothers are no exception. If this is the case for your mum, gifting her some pampering skincare products is likely to put a smile on her face. There is no need to break the bank to buy the most expensive toner, moisturiser or serum. These days even mid-range skincare brands such as Body Shop and Innisfree are offering sophisticated formulas that keep the skin glowing and porcelain smooth. What’s more, Body Shop is known for its natural and ethical philosophy, which may be an added bonus for some mothers.

  • Bodyshop: Lazada
  • Innisfree: Lazada, Shopee
  • Kiehl's: Metro, Robinsons, TANGS,
  • Fresh: Sephora
  • Laneige: Lazada, Sephora, Tangs, Zalora

Thankfully, even though all skincare stores are presently closed until June 1st (previously May 4th), you can still purchase most of them online. If you are planning to make a big purchase, it is worth carefully determining which of your credit cards to use. This is because some cards offer special discounts and exclusive deals at various online retailers. For example, the Citi Lazada card earns 4 miles for every S$1 spent on Lazada, plus cardholders receive shipping rebates and exclusive deals from Lazada.

Glamorous Jewellery

If you're shopping for a jewellery lover, why not present your mum with a glittery piece of jewellery that will light up this memorable occasion? Keep in mind that popular brands such as Pandora and Swarovski are currently offering online discounts of 15% and 40%, which makes them more affordable than you may have imagined.

Sale Prices of Jewellery

If you prefer more contemporary designs, check out local designer, Carrie K. This designer's online store offers flash sales every Monday between 8 pm to 11 pm, so if you pay attention during the next few Mondays you may be able to grab a good deal.

New Training Gear

With the authorities punishing those who do not wear masks in public places, exercising outdoors can be a tricky affair. None of us needs to get caught in trouble when getting exercise, especially not your dear mother. If your mum loves to workout, you might consider gifting her exercise gear that enables her to exercise at home. You don't need to buy her an expensive, and large, treadmill either. Instead, you can give her resistance bands, which are typically very inexpensive (starting at around S$3). To help her get the most out of this versatile tool, you can even show your mum how to find exercises online that feature resistance bands.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Choosing the right gift may be tricky, but mothers always appreciate a thoughtful gift. Finding a Mother’s Day gift does not have to be flashy or expensive, it is the sincerity that truly counts. As we are faced with the unprecedented challenge of being home-bound, we may not be able to do a full range of celebratory activities as we did before but a well-thought-out gift will always be a heart-warming gesture. For those that are not living at the same home as their mum, setting up a video chat would surely be a welcome gift. Whatever you choose, we hope that your family is able to enjoy a nice holiday.

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