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Affordable Gifts for the Gen Z in Your Life

Generation Z is a forward-facing group of young activists and passionate people. To find them the perfect gift this season, check out our suggestions to bring them holiday cheer.

Knowing exactly what to get someone is tricky under normal circumstances, but when you feel like you are from another generation, it could be even harder to find a fitting present. Generation Z (Gen-Z), born 1996 to 2012, are the "digital nomads" and products of the "internet generation." This group of ambitious young people are passionate about issues such as climate change, cruelty to animals, and their global impact. Many have wide interests, and a good gift can reflect just that. To help you find one for your gen-z child, we've compiled a list of affordable gift options.

Good For.. Climate Change Activists

Those born in Generation Z are aggressively aware of climate change. With young activists such as Greta Thunberg leading a worldwide movement, this generation is protesting for the environment both on- and off-line. This interest has extended into their consumer habits, as many look for low-cost sustainable products like bamboo toothbrushes (S$6) or stainless steel straws (S$3). If your Gen-Z is passionate about climate change, consider this wide range of budget-friendly gifts.

Sustainable Gifts for the Climate Change Activists

Buying eco-friendly, fair trade clothes is a great gift for the climate enthusiast who is conscious of issues arising from fast fashion. For the Gen-Z student who wants to use less paper, a reuseable notebook is a also a good gift. Besides being a nifty gadget, it is extremely practical since you can upload your notes to your computer before "erasing" the page with a damp cloth. Lastly, if your Gen-Z'er wishes they could travel, you could get them some BPA-free containers or a biodegradable cutlery set to take with them on their next trip.

Good For… Film Enthusiasts

For many in Gen-Z, TikTok is a way of life. You can view people dancing, lip-synching and telling stories; everyone is an actor/filmmaker. There are many low-cost gadgets available to help your Gen-Z'er with their rise to TikTok fame. For people who are camera shy, mini portable projectors (such as Kodak's S$189.99 projector) make great gifts for those who love to watch movies. Finally, photography-related bric-a-brac from Urban Outfitters (starting S$8) will also encourage your Gen-Z'er to express themselves.

Good Gifts for Film Enthusiasts

Good For… Decorators and Artists

For the Gen Z people who are interested in artistic hobbies, buying them supplies will promote their artistic abilities. There are many shops in downtown Singapore, such as Overjoyed, Krafers' Paradise and Art Friend, which sell painting, sketching and other art supplies. Below is a sample spread of average costs per product.

When buying art supplies, you should remember that you get what you pay for. For instance, many cheap paint brush sets sell for S$2, but the bristles are usually made from plastic and can easily wear out and break. For this reason, we recommend a budget-friendly but higher quality alternative from other brands (like Hwahong) that sell brushes made from natural fibers for around S$30.

Average Cost of Art Supplies in Singapore

Average Cost of Art Supplies in Singapore

If the Gen-Z you're buying a gift for likes interior design and decorating, it might be worth buying them a beginner's guide to interior design (S$45.15) or a gift card to one of their favorite decorating stores. Also, the Gen-Zer might have an Amazon Wish List which includes things like fairy lights, mirror decals, or minimalist notice boards.

Good For… The Self Care Guru

People interested in their inner and outer wellbeing would love gifts that help them look and feel their best. This is especially the case with today's teens who are not only experiencing internal changes but also had to deal with this year's pandemic while stressing about school and their futures. For example, if you know for a fact they are interested in fitness, yoga, or mindfulness, you could find some affordable equipment.

Affordable Exercise Equipment in Singapore

Affordable Exercise Equipment in Singapore

Those obsessed with makeup and skincare might also appreciate a skincare set. There are many highly rated products on the market, from Korean super star Laniege sets (S$37-S$59) to cruelty-free Corsx (S$4.67 and up). Additionally, skincare instruments are on the rise as well; facial massagers like "jade rollers" sell for only SS$10 and promise long-lasting results. Lastly, if your Gen-Z loves makeup, they might like Urban Decay's trending new palettes.

Good For… Gamers

If you weren't able to get your hands on a Playstation 5 (PS5), you could still find great games and accessories for the game aficionado you know. Marvel's Spiderman game is an exciting edition for any collector; though if you're not sure what type of game they would like, you could instead buy them gaming extras. For example, a quality gaming chair can promote good posture and performance, whereas a proper monitor might prevent any vision problems that could happen from gaming excessively.

Good Gifts for Gamers

For those who prefer offline games, Seven Wonders is a popular strategy game. Their 2020 edition is currently selling for S$68.50, though they have less expensive older editions. Typically, board games in Singapore cost can start from S$10, though most hover around the S$40-S$50 range.

How do I choose which gift to get?

The best way to decide which gift to buy is by thinking carefully about who the person is and what their main interests are. Next, you should think about your price range, and whether you would like to buy several smaller-priced items or a more expensive gift. If you decide to get something a bit more costly, then it is worth checking what type of benefits and rewards you can get by purchasing with your credit card. Whichever gift you choose, your Gen-Z receiver will be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Anya Wasserman

Anya is a Research Analyst for ValueChampion who focuses on loans and investments in Singapore. Previously, she assisted global consultancies, hedge funds and private equities with primary research at a high-growth fin-tech based in London. A graduate of the University of Oxford and King's College London, Anya is currently interested in applying quantitative research to help consumers make better financial decisions.

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