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A Guide to the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card & How Much Value You Can Actually Get Out Of It

There has been some buzz around the new DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card, and you can probably tell why after reading this.

There has been some buzz around the new DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card, and you can probably tell why after reading this.

This card is targeted at affluent individuals with an average annual income of at least S$120,000 for Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners. It offers luxurious privileges on your travel, dining and petrol purchases that most cannot say no to.

The DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card offers a complimentary Accor Plus Explorer Membership worth S$408/year, which includes a free 1N stay at over 1,000+ affiliated Accor Hotels and up to 50% F&B discounts at 1,400+ restaurants worldwide.

Furthermore, when you sign up for the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card, you will receive 12,500 renewal DBS Points (25,000 miles), worth approximately S$375 (assuming S$0.015/mile) upon paying the annual fee.

The total reward value adds up to S$783, a value which far exceeds the annual fees of S$550 (exclusive of GST).

Better yet, this is without the addition of the complimentary & discounted lifestyle perks, Priority Pass privileges and Dining City collaboration deals. With all these factored in, DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card looks to be an attractive card in its class.

Did we mention that the annual fee is waivable with a minimum annum spending of S$60,000?

The new DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card could be your all-in-one avenue to make the best out of your lifestyle experiences.

Read on to find out more perks offered by this DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card and whether it’s the right card for you.

Loosening Travel Restrictions

With travel restrictions loosening, it makes sense to start looking for a good travel rewards card for your travelling needs. The DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card serves this purpose well, with higher miles per dollar (MPD) conversion rates in comparison to other luxury credit cards from other banks, allowing you to accumulate air miles fast.

**DBS Vantage Infinite Visa CardCiti Prestige MasterCardUOBInfinite Visa Metal CardStandard Chartered Visa Infinite X Credit Card**
Earn RateLocal1.5 MPD/1.5% Cashback1.3 MPD1.4 MPD1.2 MPD/1.2% Cashback
FX2.2 MPD/2.2% Cashback2.0 MPD2.0 MPD2.0 MPD/2.0% Cashback

For every S$1 spent locally and overseas, you will receive 1.5 miles and 2.2 miles respectively. There will also be 10 complimentary visits to the airport lounge by Priority Pass.

In addition, holding this card also gives you an Accor Plus Explorer Membership. With this membership, you will get a complimentary 1 night's stay at Sofitel, Fairmont, Swissôtel and over 1,000 hotels worldwide.

You will also get to enjoy up to 50% F&B discount at Sofitel, Fairmont, Swissôtel and 1,400 restaurants worldwide as well.

The DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card serves a comprehensive travel package with significant discount incentives, taking care of your air travel, hotel stay as well as dining needs with just one swipe of a card.

You can refer to the table below for a snapshot of DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card’s perks:

Annual Fee WaiverAnnual fee waiver with annual spending from S$60,000 onwards. This is a rare feature in credit cards of this calibre.
Dining and Petrol (till 31 December 2022)Enjoy accelerated earn rates for your dining and petrol spending. Get 4 miles per dollar (MPD) or 4% cashback for the first $2,000 spent.
Flexibility of RewardsAbility to switch from earning miles or receiving cashback depending on your needs.
Best-in-class miles/cashbackLocal: 1.5 MPD /1.5% cashback with no min. spend Overseas: 2.2 MPD/2.2% cashback with no min. spend
Spend CategoriesEarn miles or cashback when you spend locally or overseas.
Airport LoungePriority Pass – 10 visits per year
Dining PrivilegesExclusive platform with > 80 dining partners & up to 50% off on restaurant deals
Conversion Fee for points to miles (before GST)$25

How To Fully Maximise The DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card

As the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card is marketed as an affluent credit card, consumers who fall in the following groups would be able to better leverage DBS’ new card to fully maximise the rewards and get the most out of this deal.

High Spending Power

A strong benefit of the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card is the annual fee waiver, which is a rare perk among cards of its class. To be eligible for the annual fee waiver, you’ll need to spend a minimum of S$60,000 within a card year (the 12-month period starting from card application approval by DBS).

It should be added, however, that even if you can’t meet the spending requirement, the annual fee for the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card is among the lowest in its class.

The 12,500 DBS Points (equivalent to 25,000 miles) also help to take the edge off the annual fee.

High-End Lifestyle

The card gives you complimentary and discounted golf games (as part of Visa Infinite privileges) and access to over 80 dining partners including 10 Michelin restaurants. Diners who enjoy dining at popular and high-end restaurants can enjoy up to 50% discount all year long.

Vehicle Owners

With the ability to earn miles or cashback, it will make sense for those who qualify and own a vehicle to get this card.

This is especially true from now till 31 December 2022, when you can get accelerated earnings of 4 MPD/4% cashback on petrol.

Frequent Flyers

This card will be suitable for you if you travel often. With a high MPD of 1.5 miles per S$1 local spend, you will be able to rack up large amounts of miles, no matter whether it is to upgrade to business class or redeem flight tickets.

Even if you are uncomfortable with travelling at the moment, you can use the time now to rack up miles for future travels.

The complimentary Digital Priority Pass™ membership also allows you to visit the airport lounge 10 times during your membership year.

Evolving Needs

The rewards do not have to be limited to just earning miles for your travelling needs. For individuals with evolving needs, DBS allows you to switch between earning miles and obtaining local cashback to suit your needs at any point in time.

If you do not need the miles, opting for the cashback reward will similarly provide you with great benefits.

Maximised Value Of Rewards With S$60,000 spent

If we use a local dining/petrol spend of S$1,000, local spend of S$3,000 and FX spend of S$1,000 per month, this is the reward you can expect to get:

Local Spend MilesS$3,000 X 1.5 MPD = 4,500
FX MileS$1,000 X 2.2 MPD = 2,200
Dining / Petrol Miles (Till 31 Dec’22)S$1,000 X 4.0 MPD = 4,000
Total Miles10,700

In addition, spending at least S$60,000 with the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card would allow you to waive the annual fee of $550.

Note that upon annual fee waiver, you would not get the 25,000 renewal bonus miles.


DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card is a card for affluent customers who enjoy the finer things in life.

The rewards and benefits are tailored for the individual that travels frequently and enjoys dining at high-end restaurants.

However, even if you do not fit the above profile, it does not mean that the DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Credit Card isn’t the right choice for you. With the ability to switch between cashback and miles for its rewards, individuals who do not require miles accumulation can similarly enjoy great benefits with its best-in-class earn rates.

You Can Find Out More About The DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Card Here

This article was written in collaboration with DBS. While we are sponsored by them, we still review products and services with an objective lens and stay true to our mission–providing you with the best recommendations and advice to make smarter financial decisions.

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