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3 Ways to Save This GSS 2022 Besides Cashback Credit Cards

Want to shop till you drop without breaking the bank? Read on to learn a few ways to make the most of your money this GSS!

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is already underway and you might be eyeing a few things to add to your cart. Before you press the checkout button though, take a minute to read about a few amazing ways you can get the most bang for your buck, without using a cashback credit card.

From rewards cards to buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) applications, there are many ways to save while you splurge this GSS. Here are three ways to maximize your savings while shopping.

1. Keep Up With Your Promotions

picture showing promotion coupons

Not only does shopping during the sale help you save, but packing on promo codes onto your purchases can decrease your spending hugely.

With the sale season already in progress, there are tons of promotion discounts available on popular retailers like Shopee, Lazada, Shein, and more. Local boutiques and physical retailers also have their fair share of discounts going around so do keep a lookout for them.

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However, do beware the specific rules sites have of stacking coupons. Some e-commerce sites, such as Shopee, have terms and conditions set within their vouchers. One of the most common ones is that the voucher cannot be used with other ongoing promotions. So be sure to read carefully and maximize your savings with coupons.

Keep a lookout for flash deals as well. These can be up to 50% off retail price and are easily one of the best deals this GSS. Deals like these can occur for small ticket items like home organization compartments but also can take the form of massive electronics like a PRISM monitor or a new phone.

If there is something you have been looking to purchase for a while, or you are the kind of person that just enjoys a good bargain, make sure to stay up to date with all the flash deals going on.

2. BNPL (Buy-Now Pay-Later) Apps

Buy-Now Pay-Later apps have been all the rage recently. With over 1.1 million people in Singapore having used this tool, BNPL has become a solution for those who wish to divide their purchases into smaller payments over a period of time.

The massive benefit of these BNPL applications is that you can split payments across a few months while incurring no transaction fees and no interest rates. The table below shows the fees for some of the most popular BNPL apps like Atome, Pace, Hoolah, and more, and most do not have processing fee or interest rates.

CompanyRepayment ScheduleProcessing FeesInterest Rate
Rely PayLaterFour payments, every two weeks0%0% p.m.
Rely InstallmentOnce a month for 3 months0%0% p.m.
HoolahOnce a month for 3 months0%0% p.m.
LatitudePayOnce a month for 3 months0%0% p.m.
AtomeOnce a month for 3 months0%0% p.m.
PaceOnce a month for 3 months0%0% p.m.
Grab PayLaterOnce a month for 4 months or pay full amount the month after purchase0%0% p.m.

In these GSS times, these can be even more helpful. BNPL apps are super convenient for when you don’t have the funds for something straight away but cannot pass on a very good deal.

Currently, new users of Atome can enjoy up to S$10 their first purchase at checkout when using the Atome app. Hoolah also offers new user vouchers as well as referral perks for both the people involved. LatitudePay also offers some great merchant specific coupons, so check out their page here.

BNPL apps can be a good way for you to make full use of this GSS. However, this is akin to taking a small loan, so do be sure that you can pay back the amount in full during the stipulated time frame.

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3. Credit Card Rewards

man holding four credit cards

Apart from cashback cards, there are other credit cards that provide you with great benefits, especially if you’re planning to splurge this GSS.

There are so many options out there, each suited for a different type of person. From shopping rebates and low exchange fees, to payment splits and miles, there is a credit card for everyone.

If you’re planning to spend sometime soon, getting a credit card in line with your needs can be a great option. We have listed down a few of the best below for you:

Rewards Credit Cards for Avid Shoppers

Citi Rewards Card

Consider this if you want to maximize miles rewards on shopping expenses
  • Pros
    • Great for online & offline shopping
    • Beneficial for frequent travellers
    • Cons
      • Less valuable for infrequent shoppers
      • Foreign transaction fees apply
      If you’re a spender on fashion or online shopping, this card is the perfect way to maximize your rewards when doing what you love.

      Cardholders earn 10 points which is about 4 miles per S$1 on fashion retail such as clothing, bags, shoes & more. You will earn regardless of where you spend, be it online, offline (including department stores), locally or overseas.

      What’s more, it comes with significant perks like travel insurance, which many competitors lack.

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      UOB KrisFlyer Card

      Consider this if you exclusively fly with SIA and travel on a budget
      • Pros
        • 3 mi per S$1 on SIA, SilkAir, Scoot & KrisShop
        • Up to 3 mi on dining, transport, online shopping & travel
        • Expedited KF Elite Silver status, Scoot privileges
        • 10,000 annual bonus renewal miles
        • Cons
          • Just 1.2 mi on non-category overseas spend
          • No lounge access perks
          • No spend-based fee-waiver

          If you are going to be spending the big bucks on online shopping soon, consider getting a UOB KrisFlyer Card to boot.

          In one purchase make full use of the GSS to shop till your heart's content while also gaining 3 miles per S$1 transaction on online fashion shopping by spending at least S$500 with SIA brands within the year.

          The annual fee of this card is also waived the first year, so you don’t have to worry about incurring costs of owning the card anytime in the foreseeable future.

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          Cards for Big Spenders

          DBS Woman’s World Master

          Consider this if you need to make a large purchase that you can't immediately afford
          • Pros
            • 0% interest payment plans available
            • Good rewards for online shopping
            • Online purchase protection
            • Cons
              • Lacks travel perks
              • Limited rewards categories

              If you are going to make a big purchase that you would like to pay over time, this card is a great option for you. Cardholders earn 4 miles per S$1 on online shopping, 0.4 miles for local spend.

              Furthermore, they can split transactions as low as S$100 into installments across up to 12 months via DBS’ My Preferred Payment Plan. This has no interest or processing fee that you have to worry about.

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              UOB Lady’s Card

              PROMO: Qualified customers will get S$350 cash credits when you apply now
              Consider this if you make frequent luxury purchases
              • Pros
                • High miles rewards (30 miles per $5 spent) on one category of spending
                • No minimum spend
                • Cons
                  • Cap of 2,800 bonus UNI$ (5,600 miles, equivalent to S$1,000 spend) per month
                  • Points have a 2 year expiry

                  If you’re on the way to leading that luxury lifestyle, this card is worth considering. First, the card gives customers a chance to earn 10X UNI$ on your card spend, enabling you to have some savings. Other than that it also has one extra key feature that makes this unique.

                  UOB Lady’s LuxePay Plan comes with this card and you can use this to better manage your month-on-month cash flow and avoid the burden of a lump-sum payment. With this programme, you can put your new luxury purchase(shoes or bags) worth S$500 or more on a 6 or 12-month installment plan that is absolutely free.

                  Cards for Overseas Shopping

                  If you’re saving up for a trip or are looking to buy from Taobao instead of spending locally, there are some great choices for that.

                  YouTrip MasterCard

                  YouTrip Debit Card
                  YouTrip Debit Card
                  Consider this if you are a frequent flyer

                  The YouTrip MasterCard is great for individuals who spend a lot of money overseas.

                  This card is linked to a digital wallet that allows you to hold and spend in 150 different currencies. There are also no fees on the foreign exchange, compared to traditional credit cards which can charge a heavy conversion rate. The card also allows you to withdraw cash at a flat fee of $5.

                  With this card in your pocket, you can freely shop internationally without having to worry about any additional fees.

                  OCBC 90°N MasterCard

                  Consider this if you want to earn unlimited miles and cashback, no conversion fees
                  • Pros
                    • Versatile Miles: 1.3 mi/S$1 locally, 2.1 mi overseas
                    • Rewards never expire
                    • No minimun spend
                    • No cap on miles earned
                    • Cons
                      • Local rates are less competitive
                      • No category-specific rewards boosts

                      Cardholders earn in Travel$, which can each be redeemed for 1 air mile or S$0.01 cash rebate. In other words, every S$1 spend earns 1.2 miles (or 1.2% cashback) locally and 2.1 miles (2.1% cashback) overseas.

                      One bonus feature of this card is that users do not have to pay foreign exchange conversion fees making this card perfect for those of you looking to finally go on holiday this summer. And what’s more, your rewards will never expire.

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                      Shopping using alternative methods to save is a huge benefit. Not only can you get the most for money but you also can stack these to receive maximum savings. From credit cards to BNPLs, we believe that these are some of the best ways to shop and save this GSS.

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