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Singapore's Most Expensive Massages and How To Afford Them

Singapore has a whole world of massages to offer, but some stand out more than others. Here's some of Singapore's most expensive massages and how to afford them.

From shiatsu to hot stone therapy, the massage industry continues to provide ingenious ways to relax, unwind, and heal from the effects of a grueling 9-to-5 desk job. Singapore's luxury massage scene takes it a step further by creating unique experiences to reinvigorate the mind and body. But these total-sensory experiences come at a high cost that not everyone can afford.

Read ahead to learn about Singapore's lesser known luxury massages, as well as how you can receive similar spa treatments at a much more modest price.

Singapore's Most Expensive Massages

Since quality massages can be found at any level of spa or parlour, a luxury massage experience is defined by its add-ons and price points. If the average "low-end" massage costs to S$58 and the average luxury massage totals to S$211, then the massages on this list are reserved for those who value extravagance at its finest.

Oriental Harmony at the Mandarin Oriental Marina Bay Luxury Spa

  • S$580 for 2 hours

If you're going to pay a couple hundred dollars on a 1 hour massage, you may as well double the time, price, and number of hands. With the Oriential Harmony treatment, two masseuses massage you from head to toe in synchronicity. Starting with a warm scrub, the two massage therapists exfoliate your body before easing you into a "harmonious" experience.

Cello Concerto at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore Spa

  • $S480 for 1 hour | S$720 if you want a couple's massage

Many massage parlours will play soothing, classical music on their overhead speakers, but not many offer live music performances by a classical musician. With the Cello Concerto, a live cellist will play classical melodies as your therapist synchronises their massage technique to the music. As a bonus, you begin the experience with a complimentary 30 minute bath.

Head-To-Toe Massage at the St. Regis Singapore Remède Spa

  • S$325 for 2 hours

Many massages feel rushed, but the Head-To-Toe Massage takes its time to work out every muscle in your body. Your therapist will guide you through a 1-hour full body massage, 30-minute foot reflexology, and a 30-minute head massage. By the end of your treatment, you'll have experienced the traditional art of acupressure, which is meant to restore the flow of energy throughout your body.

How to Afford a Luxury Massage

Everyone deserves to treat themselves, but not everyone is able to afford the luxury spas listed above. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the cost of ultra-luxe massage treatments, as well as many other cost-friendly alternatives.

Take Advantage Of Spa Discounts and Points

Before you set your eyes away from Singapore's luxury massages, find out if the spa in question has any discounts, coupons, or memberships. Many spas offer seasonal promotions and specials, while others offer membership programs which allow you to buy massages in bulk at a lower packaged price. Additionally, some massage parlours offer off-peak hour rates with up to a 30% discount from usual prices.

You can also use your credit card miles to afford a high-end massage at a points hotel spa. Credit cards like the UOB PRVI Miles American Express offer you 6 miles per S$1 to spend on hotels worldwide. After two years of using this card, your total rewards are valued at S$1,759, meaning you could afford a stay at a 5-star hotel and a massage at their luxury spa. If the hotel's spa doesn't accept points, you can still pay with your credit card to rack up more miles.

Find Quality Massages At Lower-Cost Spas

Even if you can't afford or simply don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for Singapore's most expensive massages, there are still plenty of affordable ways to treat yourself. In fact, many quality massages can be found outside of non-luxury hotels and spas.

Table comparing low and high costs of popular massages

Deep tissue massages like the Swedish massage cost an average of S$69 at non-luxury spas and massage parlours — this is almost a 63% decrease from its luxury counterpart of S$183. Similarly, simple relaxation massages that use aromatherapy can be found for less than S$100 at many low-cost, yet highly reviewed spas.

Special massages like the hot stone massage or prenatal massage are pricey, whether or not you are receiving wellness services from a luxury establishment. However, you can still save up to 78% on a hot stone treatment if you find the right massage therapist.

Since prenatal massages require extra training and care for the mother and baby, such services will be priced comparably higher than other treatments, no matter the provider. If you are in need of pre- or post-natal massages, make sure to take advantage of the package deals offered by most maternal care companies.

Save Now, Treat Yourself Later

Some would say that massages are no longer a luxury, but now a necessity. Even so, if you want to afford a monthly massage or annual splurge on a full-body treatment, you'll need to start saving now.

You can begin by implementing the 50-30-20 rule, in which a percentage of your monthly income goes to: 50% needs; 30% wants; and 20% savings or investments. After you decide what a massage means to you, you can siphon part of your income towards your massage fund, so that you, too, can afford the luxury massage experience.

Natalia Sanchez-Kumar

Natalia Sanchez-Kumar is a Research Analyst at ValueChampion. She is a History graduate of New York University and has worked in the area of social impact, Future of Work and socio-technological research in the US and India. She has co-authored policy proposals alongside the International Labour Organisation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, as well as hosted a data privacy conference with Facebook in New Delhi.

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