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ValueChampion Expands Into Content Reviewing Singapore Hotels For The Best Value Possible

Looking for a short getaway in Singapore? Or perhaps you are looking for a workation? Read on to find out how you can enjoy your stay while on a budget and ways to maximise your savings!

Despite the newly implemented VTFs that came into force on 1 April 2022, there are many of us who would still rather stay in Singapore. If you fall under this category, we have got you covered! From helping you find the right hotel to finding ways to maximise your savings, we have covered it all for you!

Staycations and Workations Are Still All the Rage

Over the past two years when borders were closed and leisure travel had been curtailed, staycations have become the new normal. Catering to those looking for a short getaway with friends and families to even those looking for a conducive environment to work in, staycations and workations in Singapore have been on the rise.

Fairmont Hotel Room
Room at Fairmont Hotel

Popular as a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, it is common to find Singaporeans booking staycations over the weekends. Beyond staycations, workations have also gained traction.

As hotels struggled in 2020, many came up with work-from-home packages with attractive day-use prices catering to the everyday workers instead of the weekend staycationers. Providing a conducive environment and space to work with complimentary Wi-Fi, parking, free-flow drinks, and more, it is no surprise that the workation idea was popular amongst Singaporeans. A great option for those who are unable to work productively at home or for those who would like to enjoy the hotel’s amenities after work, workations have definitely gained popularity amongst Singaporeans.

Find the Best Hotel in Singapore for Your Relaxing Getaway

Staying in Singapore does not have to be boring. With the rise in boutique hotels offering staycations at a fraction of the usual staycation prices, it is a great option for those on a budget. As an added bonus to spruce up your experience, most boutique hotels are usually decorated with unique themes.

Hotel G Room
Room at Hotel G

As such, you can be sure to enjoy your relaxing getaway at Instagram-worthy places. For those who wish to indulge, there are also luxury accommodation options for you to treat yourself.

To help you find the perfect hotel for your well-deserved break, on top of the usual star ratings, we have included a list of what you should look out for when choosing your hotel.

Price of Your Stay

While it is important to find a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable, your stay should not cost you a bomb. As a good gauge, the prices for hotel stays in Singapore range from S$70 to S$2,300, with a majority within the S$300 to S$600 range. As such, the price of your stay should within this range.


It is unlikely that you will stay in your room throughout your entire stay. This makes the location of your hotel all the more important. The last thing that you would want is to spend the majority of your time travelling. From the distance to the nearest MRT station, to the malls and shops around your hotel, the location of your hotel can truly make or break your staycation or workation.

Rooms and Amenities Available

Beyond a place for you to sleep and shower, your hotel should make you feel at home regardless of whether you are there for a staycation or workation.

If you are on a family vacation, do keep a lookout to see if the hotel you intend to choose offers connecting rooms or even a family suite. While most boutique hotels do not offer connecting rooms, a number of them do offer family suites. As such, it is important to do your research before choosing a hotel to maximise your staycation experience!

Apart from the rooms, depending on your needs and priorities, do check out the facilities and amenities offered. For instance, for those who wish to keep fit during your stay, do check if the hotel has a gym facility. As for those who need to get work done during your staycation, it is imperative that the room provides a conducive space and more importantly, strong Wi-Fi to do so.

Dining Options

Similar to the location of your hotel, it would be an added bonus to have good food around you. While you can travel out to eat, a staycation is all about taking a break from your busy life. As such, having good food near your hotel, at various price points, could elevate your stay.

Promotions Offered

In a bid to attract more guests, most hotels often partner up with credit card companies and retailers to provide you with discounts. Take Fairmont Singapore for instance. Collaborating with Capitaland, from now till the end of June, guests can stand to enjoy a S$100 CapitaLand e-Voucher. Fairmont Singapore is not alone in offering such attractive promotions. Hence, do check out the partnering merchants to maximise your savings and experience!

Apart from vouchers, we recommend finding the best discounts and promotion codes on the internet. From exclusive website promotion codes to offers offered by the individual hotels, be sure to catch the best discounts before booking your staycation. Take Hotel G for instance. Use the promotion code “ValueChampion” to enjoy 15 percent off your stay until the end of 2022. With many of such discounts available, be sure to do your research.

Interior Design

As a way to distinguish themselves from the competition, most hotels often offer unique interiors. From industrial to modern themes, you can be sure to find a hotel that suits your liking.

Finding the Right One for Yourself

With many hotels in the market, we have shortlisted our top picks for the budget-conscious as well as those who wish to indulge.

It Is Time to Book Your Next Getaway

Everyone loves maximising their savings. To get the most bang for your buck on your booking, do make sure to do your research before booking your staycation. As a way to help you unwind, it is crucial that your chosen hotel is a home away from home. Whether you are booking for your next getaway or workation, be sure to keep in mind what to look out for when choosing your hotel!

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