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Where To Order Rice Dumplings For The Dragon Boat Festival 2021 In Singapore

Want to buy rice dumplings in Singapore for the Dragon Boat Festival? Here is a list of the best places to get rice dumplings delivered to your door.

There is no better way to enjoy the upcoming Duanwu Festival, also known as The Dragon Boat Festival, than with some traditional handmade rice dumplings (Zongzi in Chinese). Here are eight places where you can purchase mouth-watering rice dumplings that come with delivery options. Place your order soon because many outlets are running out of stock!

Where To Buy Rice Dumplings In Singapore?

RetailersPricesDelivery Options
Joo Chiat Kim ChooS$20 to S$65 for a bundle of 10S$8 or free delivery with minimum S$60 order
Wan Hao Chinese RestaurantS$7 for orders below S$59S$60, free delivery with a minimum spend of S$500
Eastern Rice DumplingsS$3.40 to S$5.50 per dumpling
  • S$10, minimum order of S$40 to S$30* applies.
  • Free delivery with minimum S$80 to S$300 order
  • *Depending on the day of delivery in June.
Xiang Ye Nonya DumplingS$30 to S$41 for a bundle of 10S$3.99 or free delivery with minimum S$40 order
Holiday InnS$11.80 to S$18.80 per dumpling and S$68 for a bundle of sixDepends on delivery location
The Fullerton HotelS$12 to S$38 per dumplingDelivery option is terminated, only self-pickup available
The Regent HotelS$15 to $42.01 per dumpingS$25, free delivery with minimum S$180 order
Mandarin OrientalS$20 to $30 per dumpingFree delivery with minimum S$90 order

Joo Chiat Kim Choo

As the name suggests, this traditional rice dumpling maker is located at Joo Chiat Place in Katong. It is a well-known rice dumpling shop that offers popular selections such as salted rice dumpling, Nonya rice dumpling, and Cantonese bean dumplings. For non-pork eaters, there are even unique chicken options. Prices of rice dumplings range between S$20 to $65 for a bundle of 10.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant introduced five new rice dumpling creations for this year’s festival but two of them went out of stock shortly after the launch. However, you can still place orders for the remaining options – dumpling with 5-head abalone with Parma ham, dumpling with spicy Sichuan pepper chicken and lotus root, and lastly, rice dumpling with signature pork and salted egg. Each dumpling is priced between S$14 to S$28 but the delivery cost is shockingly high at S$60. For complimentary delivery, you’ll have to incur a minimum spend of $500!

Eastern Rice Dumplings

Eastern Rice Dumpling is a third-generation business with traditional rice dumpling recipes that date as far back as 40 years ago. While the company offers online shopping options, it also has 10 outlets around Singapore to cater to walk-in customers. Due to peak season in June, the minimum order for delivery may vary between S$40 to S$300. If you live near Balestier Road, Northpoint City, and Yew Tee Point, you can also place your rice dumpling order via GrabFood to enjoy same day delivery.

Xiang Ye Nonya Dumpling

Xiang Ye Nonya Dumpling started in 2001 with a modest store at Chai Chee Road. Today, it has grown to two shops with a thriving dumpling supply business. The rice dumplings are readily available on online markets such as Shopee and Qoo10, and there are three standard types of rice dumplings: Nonya, Hokkien, and salted egg. Economically priced between S$30 to S$41 for a bundle of 10 dumplings, Xiang Ye also offers one of the lowest delivery costs at S$3.99 and the lowest minimum order for free delivery.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn’s Xin Cuisine is where you’ll find mala chicken dumpling with dried scallops, a unique flavour that is not commonly found in rice dumpling recipes. Also available are the signature homemade traditional dumpling and red lotus seed paste dumpling served with osmanthus sauce. The prices range between S$11.80 to S$18.80 for individual dumplings or S$68 for a bundle of six assorted dumplings.

The Fullerton Hotel

Although The Fullerton Hotel’s lineup of rice dumplings is no longer available for delivery, you can still enjoy their kind Bak Kut Teh and ginseng chicken rice dumpling if you choose to do self pick-up. Bak Kut The is one of the most celebrated flavours in Singapore, who wouldn’t want to try it in a rice dumpling version? Alternatively, there are also five-spice pork, Hong Kong-style abalone and organic millet five-grain omni-meat glutinous rice dumpling to choose from.

The Regent Hotel

This year, there are four types of premium rice dumplings offered at the hotel’s Summer Palace Chinese restaurant – rice dumpling with abalone, rice dumpling with dried Oyster, kurobuta pork, truffle rice dumpling, and rice dumpling with red dates served with osmanthus honey. Each dumpling weighs around 550g and is good for two to three persons. This premium selection is priced between S$15 to S$42.01 per piece.

Mandarin Oriental

Available from 2 June until 14 June 2021 at Cherry Garden Restaurant, there are three types of rice dumplings ranging from S$20 to S$30 each. The “Hong Kong” traditional glutinous rice dumpling with baby abalone is a favourite because it combines an abundance of ingredients such as pork belly, mung beans, mushrooms, chestnuts, salted egg yolk, and lotus seeds. The rice dumpling with black garlic also wraps a bunch of delicious ingredients such as preserved vegetables, kurobuta pork belly, and bamboo charcoal powder while the dumpling with sliced black truffle is a no-meat option with cordycep flowers, wild mushroom, lotus seeds, and five multi-grains.

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