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UOB PRVI Miles Credit Card: Luxury Miles Without Luxury Fee

Rapid Miles with Fee-Waiver for Above-Average Spenders

UOB PRVI Miles Credit Card: Luxury Miles Without Luxury Fee

Rapid Miles with Fee-Waiver for Above-Average Spenders


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  • Great for rapid miles accrual
  • Awards high spend on airlines & hotels
  • Annual fee waiver with Amex card


  • Doesn't fit infrequent travellers with mostly local budgets
  • Lacks luxury perks & privileges

UOB PRVI Miles Card is one of the best travel cards on the market, not only for its remarkably high rewards rates, but also for its fee-waiver & bonus miles. Cardholders earn 1.4 miles per S$1 locally, up to 5 miles overseas, and up to 6 miles with major airlines & hotels–rates that parallel the most expensive travel cards on the market. There are also Visa, Mastercard and American Express versions of the UOB PRVI Miles card, so you are able to chose which electronic payment network suits your spending habits.

Unlike other pricey miles card alternatives, however, UOB PRVI Miles Card offers consumers the chance to avoid paying a fee altogether. If you hold the American Express version of the UOB PRVI Miles card, spending S$50,000/year not only earns a waiver, it also earns cardholders 20,000 bonus miles (worth $200). While perks are limited primarily to travel insurance & airport transfers, UOB PRVI Miles Card offers the best way to rapidly earn no-fee miles on the market.

UOB PRVI Miles Card Features and Benefits

  • Annual Fee: S$259.20, Waived for 1 year
  • Income Requirement: S$30,000 for citizens & PRs, S$80,000 for foreigners
Key Features:
  • Annual fee: S$259.20 (first year- waived)
  • Annual fee waived and 20,000 bonus annual renewal miles (worth S$200) with min annual spend of S$50,000
  • 1.4 miles/ S$1 local spend, 2.4 miles/S$1 overseas
  • 6 miles/S$1 spend on Expedia, Agoda and UOB Travel
  • Complimentary airport transfers & free travel insurance
  • Can choose to redeem for miles or cashback

What Makes UOB PRVI Miles Stand Out

UOB PRVI Miles offers above-average spenders a way to maximise miles earning and earn bonus miles - as long as they don't mind forgoing luxury travel perks. Cardholders receive some of the best rates on the market at 1.4 miles per S$1 spend locally, 5 miles per S$1 spent on overseas shopping and dining and 2.4 miles on the rest of your general overseas spend, and up to 6 miles with major airlines and hotels. The UOB PRVI Miles Card is indeed one of the best miles credit cards in Singapore.

Eligible Airline and Hotel Partners for 6 Miles per S$1 Spend Rewards

ExpediaChina Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Finnair, Garuda Indonesia, Hawaiian Air, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Thai Airways International, Turkish Airlines, Xiamen Airlines & moreOver 321,000 hotels worldwide
UOB TravelAir France, American Airlines, British Airways, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Etihad, Jet Airways, Qantas, SWISS International Airlines & moreOver 450,000 hotels worldwide
Agoda-Over 1.3 million vacation rentals & hotels worldwide

Additional Perk for UOB PRVI Amex Miles Cardholders: Opportunity for an Annual Fee Waiver

While both the Visa and Mastercard options offer good rewards, the UOB PRVI AMEX Miles Card is especially beneficial to above-average spenders.

Frequent travellers who spend at least S$4,200/month might easily expect to earn 9,000 to 10,000 miles per month (S$90-S$100 value-to-consumer). At this spend rate, which comes to about S$50,000/year, cardholders for the Amex version of the UOB PRVI Miles Card not only receive 20,000 annual renewal bonus miles (S$200 value), they are also exempt from the S$259.20 annual fee. Travel cards that match UOB PRVI Miles Card's rewards rates charge high, non-waivable annual fees up to S$600+.

There is a reason why UOB PRVI Miles Card can match the market's highest rewards rates without charging a high annual fee–unlike luxury miles cards, UOB PRVI Miles Card lacks travel perks and privileges. While cardholders receive complimentary travel insurance and up to 8 free airport transfers to Changi Airport per year, they do not receive benefits like airport lounge access, golf green fee discounts, or hotel and car rental program memberships.

Ultimately, there is a trade-off between luxury perks and lower annual costs for consumers looking to rapidly accumulate miles. UOB PRVI Miles Card favors above-average spenders who travel frequently and would rather minimise card costs than receive travel privileges. For value-driven travellers, UOB PRVI Miles Card is one of the best and most cost-effective cards on the market.

How Does UOB PRVI Miles Card Rewards Program Work?

Use our quick and easy-to-read guide below to learn how you you can redeem UOB PRVI Miles Card rewards.

  • Miles are earned in the form of UNI$. 1 UNI$ equals 2 miles
  • Block conversions of 5,000 UNI$ for 10,000 KrisFlyer Miles
  • A conversion fee of S$25 applies for each conversion
  • All UNI$ earned are credited to the Principal Cardmember account
  • UNI$ balance are reflected in the monthly credit card statement
  • UNI$ expire 2 years from the date in which they are earned

UOB PRVI Miles Card Rewards Exclusions

Some credit card expenditures are ineligible for earning rewards. We identify these exclusions below.

Balance/funds transfers, cash advances, fees, interests, finance charges, late payment charges, annual fee charges, reversals, monthly instalments under 0% Instalment Payment Plan, other financial charges and any other transactions the Bank may exclude from time to time
Transactions made at AXS, payment of funds to prepaid accounts including top-ups for any prepaid card; payments to EZ Link, FlashPay, NETS FlashPay, MB, Moneybookers. Com, Oanda Asia PAC, Paypal, Plus500, Saxo Cap Mkts Pts Ltd, SKR*SKRILL.com, Transit, TransitLink, IG Markets, and others; payments to and transactions at AXS
Any payments made to government institutions and services (for example, court costs, fines, bail and bond payments, tax payment, postal services, intra-government purchases and any other government services not classified here); any payment made to charitable/religious organizations; insurance underwriting, premiums and other payments; any payment made on gambling or trading platforms (including but not limited to websites for trading of shares, foreign currency and cryptocurrency)

How does UOB PRVI Miles Card Compare Against Other Cards?

Read our comparisons of UOB PRVI Miles Card with other cards and learn what makes each card unique in their own way. We compare and contrast each card to highlight its uniqueness to help you identify the card that you need.

UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card provides a much higher than market average value-to-consumer after two years based on an monthly spend of S$6,000

UOB PRVI Miles Card v. Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

Consider this if you are looking for a standard miles rewards credit card
  • Pros
    • Frequent traveler perks
    • Low fees
    • Flexible miles redemption
    • Cons
      • Lacks luxury perks
      • Not suitable for occasional travel

      Citi PremierMiles Visa Card is a great alternative suited for average spenders looking to maximise mile rewards while still enjoying simple travel perks. While Citi PMV Card's local rate of 1.2 miles per S$1 spend is almost 17% lower than UOB PRVI Miles Card's (1.4 miles), both have comparable rates for overseas spend and for travel booking sites. Citi PMV Card, however, offers 2 lounge visits annually, access to Citi World Privileges, and its miles never expire. Ultimately, Citi PMV Card has a non-waivable S$192.6 annual fee, but it's better for average consumers with spend below S$50,000/year who wouldn't qualify for UOB PRVI Miles Card's bonus miles or fee-waiver.

      Read Our Full Comparative Analysis

      UOB PRVI Miles Card v. HSBC Revolution Card

      Consider this if you spend mostly on shopping, dining and entertainment
      • Pros
        • Great rewards on local dining and entertainment
        • Online shopping perks
        • No-fee card
        • Cons
          • Lacks rewards for frequent travellers who spend large amounts overseas
          • Not suitable for low budgets

          HSBC Revolution Card is a great miles card for sporadic or irregular travellers who'd like to make the most of their local spend while avoiding an annual fee. Consumers earn 2 miles per S$1 spend on local dining and entertainment as well as for online spend (including shopping, travel booking, and select bills). This rate is higher than market standard, but offline overseas spend earns only 0.4 miles per S$1, far lower than standard. HSBC Revolution Card also does not provide notable travel perks.

          However, HSBC Revolution is very accessible with an annual fee of S$150 that's waived with every S$12,500 spend. Average and lower spenders who want to earn miles regardless of their travel schedule and prefer to avoid fees might consider HSBC Revolution Card over UOB PRVI Miles Card.

          UOB PRVI Miles Card v. Citi Prestige MasterCard

          Citi Prestige Card
          Citi Prestige Card
          Consider this if you want special travel perks like free hotel nights and unlimited lounge access
          • Pros
            • Great luxury benefits
            • Ideal for higher budgets
            • Great golfing and travel perks
            • Cons
              • Very high annual fees
              • Unsuitable for moderate budgets

              Citi Prestige MasterCard is one of the few travel cards that nearly matches UOB PRVI Miles Card's high rewards rates, but this card is better suited for affluent travellers who are willing to pay a high fee (S$535, unwaivable) for luxury perks. Cardholders receive unlimited airport lounge access, free limo transfers, golfing privileges, free hotel night extensions, and access to MasterCard World Elite discounts, amongst other things.

              Citi Prestige MasterCard also provides value by awarding 25,000 bonus miles annually, plus a 15% (30% for Citigold customers) bonus based on tenure of relationship. Miles never expire, unlike for UOB PRVI Miles Card. Ultimately, affluent consumers seeking rapid mile accrual who are willing to pay for luxury perks are better off with Citi Prestige MasterCard, while those prioritising lower costs might consider UOB PRVI Miles Card.

              UOB PRVI Miles Card v. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

              Consider this if you travel frequently for business
              • Pros
                • Great rewards for high overseas spend
                • Rewards banking activity
                • Cons
                  • Not suitable for average spenders who mostly buy local essentials
                  • Annual fee

                  Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card is great for high-earners who spend a significant amount of time overseas and don't mind paying a high fee for luxury privileges. The card's local rewards rate matches UOB PRVI Miles Card's (1.4 miles per S$1 spend) and its overseas rate (3 miles per S$1) leads the market. While cardholders must pay a non-waivable S$588.5 annual fee, they also receive perks like airport lounge access and golfing privileges.

                  SC Visa Infinite Card stands out, however, for its transport benefits. Cardholders receive complimentary car rentals and upgrades through Hertz Asia privileges, plus up to 25% fuel savings at Caltex. High spenders who spend considerable time abroad and rely on rentals and private hires to get around can easily maximise miles rewards with SC Visa Infinite Card. Individuals who are more likely to take frequent short trips and who'd rather earn miles than enjoy perks might consider UOB PRVI Miles Card instead.

                  UOB PRVI Miles Card v. OCBC Voyage Card

                  OCBC VOYAGE Card
                  OCBC VOYAGE Card
                  Consider this if you have a high annual income and eat out frequently
                  • Pros
                    • 2.2 miles per S$1 overseas retail and dining spend
                    • 1.3 miles per S$1 local retail spend
                    • 15,000 annual bonus renewal miles (worth S$150)
                    • Unlimited lounge access, limo transfers & more
                    • Up to 19% fuel savings with Caltex
                    • Cons
                      • High S$488 annual fee (no waiver)
                      • Recurring bills ineligible for rewards
                      • Access to limo transfers requires S$5,000 minimum spend

                      OCBC Voyage Card is a great option for high-earners who travel and desire perks, but who also dine out and would like to maximise their local earning. Cardholders earn a fairly standard 1.2 miles for S$1 local spend and 2.3 miles overseas. OCBC Voyage Card stands out however for offering 1.6 miles per S$1 spend on local dining. Membership is exclusive–S$120,000 required salary, S$488 non-waivable fee–but cardholders receive unlimited airport lounge access, free limo transfers, discounts through Visa Infinite discounts, and earn 15,000 renewal miles per year (S$150 value).

                      OCBC Voyage Card is less accessible to consumers than UOB PRVI Miles Card, which has a minimum salary requirement of just S$30,000, but it offers more perks and has a differentiated local rate that boosts earnings for local foodies.

                      UOB PRVI Miles Card v. DBS Altitude Visa Card

                      Consider this if you are looking for a good miles credit card with an easily waived annual fee
                      • Pros
                        • Great for online travel bookings
                        • Cons
                          • Those willing to pay an annual fee for more bonus miles
                          • Affluent travellers who are willing to pay a high fee for luxury travel perks

                          DBS Altitude Visa Card is an excellent card for average spenders who would like to avoid an annual fee without giving up travel perks. The card offers lower rewards rates than UOB PRVI Miles Card (1.2 miles per S$1 local spend, 2 miles overseas, 3 miles on travel booking sites), but makes up for it with promotional rates like 10 miles per S$1 spend at Kaligo.

                          DBS Altitude Visa Card also exempts cardholders from its S$192.6 fee after just S$25,000 annual spend–half that required for UOB PRVI Miles Card's waiver–and is therefore far more accessible to average spenders. Even with its easy fee waiver, DBS Altitude Visa Card still provides extra privileges like 2 free annual lounge visits and SE Asia golfing privileges.

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