Best Maybank Credit Cards 2019

As the biggest bank in Malaysia and the fourth biggest bank in Singapore, Maybank boasts a robust set of credit cards for Singaporeans. To help you find your ideal card, our team has handpicked several Maybank credit cards with outstanding features and value propositions.

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Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card: Best No Annual Fee Miles Card

Consider this if you want to maximise miles earned on dining and petrol

Annual Income Requirement S$50,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$60,000

Upgraded from Platinum Visa to Visa Signature, Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card is an awesome miles credit card for people with a moderate monthly budget. If you are conscious of paying the upfront annual fees that most rewards credit cards charge, Maybank Horizon Visa Signature card provides a neat way of avoiding high annual fees while still earning air miles at a great rate. For instance, Maybank Horizon card's annual fee (S$150 per year) is waived every year for those who spend just S$1,500 on the card every month (S$18,000 per year).

Not only that, Maybank Horizon card will award 3.2 miles for every S$1 you spend on dining or on petrol, which is practically one of the best deals we've seen for these two categories. You can also earn 2 to 3.2 miles per dollar on your travel bookings and on the money you spend overseas. By providing great mile award rates for your travel expense as well as your daily needs, Maybank Horizon helps you build up miles while saving up on the annual fee you would otherwise have to spend with other cards.


  • Annual fee: S$180, waived with S$18,000 of annual spend
  • 2 miles for S$1 spent on air tickets, travel packages and foreign currency transactions
  • 3.2 miles for every S$1 spent on petrol, dining, taxi fares and hotel bookings via
  • Complimentary access to selected VIP airport lounges & travel insurance
  • Bonus: Receive a complimentary Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner worth S$420 when you apply for 2 Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble
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Maybank World Mastercard: Best Golf Credit Card

Consider this if you are an avid golfer who travels frequently to golf clubs worldwide

Annual Income Requirement S$80,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$80,000

Maybank World Mastercard is easily the best credit card in Singapore for golfers. That's because it provides its cardholders complimentary green fees all year around at 79 world-class fairways in 15 different countries, by far the best deal available for golfers in the country. Not only that, it comes with mile and cash back rewards to cover a golfer's every major expenditure area: dining, petrol and travel expenses. Though this card comes with a relatively high annual fee of S$240, it's much cheaper to use than other luxury cards that come with worse golf privileges. Furthermore, Maybank World Mastercard's benefits are more than valuable enough to offset the annual fee for people who golf at least once or twice a month.


  • Annual fee: S$240, 1 year waiver
  • 2 complimentary green fees per month at 79 world-class fairways in 15 countries
  • 10X TREATS points (or 4 miles) per S$1 spent at select retail and dining establishments
  • 19.1% savings on petrol in Singapore (including the 4 miles per S$1 spent on petrol)
  • Up to 20% savings at select SPG Hotel and Resorts restaurants
  • Complimentary VIP Access to JetQuay at Changi Airport
  • Bonus: Receive a complimentary Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner worth S$420 when you apply for 2 Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble
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Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card: Unlimited Flat Rate Cashback for Football Fans

Consider this if you want to earn an unlimited amount of cash rebate without paying an annual fee

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$45,000 for Malaysians; S$60,000 for Others

Among all of the "unlimited" cashback cards, Maybank's FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card provides the highest rewards rate and also is the cheapest to use. Maybank FC Barcelona Card's unlimited cashback is available at a rate of 1.6%, higher than 1.5% provided by other unlimited rebate cards. Not only that, this card's annual fee (S$120) is waived for anyone who spends at least S$10,000 on the card annually, an easily achievable goal for most people. In contrast, other similar cards tend to charge a fee of around S$180. While it doesn't come with a petrol discount, we think this card works perfectly well for those who are looking for the convenience of a unlimited cashback without the high cost.


  • Annual fee: S$120, waived with S$10,000 of annual spend
  • 1.5% cashback on everything
  • 0.8 miles per S$1 spent on foreign currency transactions
  • No cap on cashback or monthly spend requirement
  • No monthly minimum spend & Online price guarantee
  • Bonus: Chance to win a free trip for 2 to FC Barcelona Live game every season
  • Promotion: Receive a complimentary Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner worth S$420 when you apply for 2 Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble
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Maybank Platinum Visa Credit Card: Best No-Fee Card for Low Income Consumers

Consider this if you spend S$300 to S$1,000 per month

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$60,000

Maybank Platinum Visa Card provides low-income consumers with an inexpensive way to save daily. While it charges no annual fee, it provides up to 3.33% in cash rebate for every dollar you spend in Singapore. Though it caps its total rebate at S$100 per quarter (S$400 per year), it's still one of the highest yielding cashback cards in the market for modest spenders with a monthly budget of around S$1,000.


  • Annual fee: S$0, S$20 quarterly servicing fee waived if you use the card at least once every 3 months
  • Up to 3.33% cash rebate on all expenditures (max S$100 per quarter)
  • Travel insurance coverage of up to S$500,000
  • Promotion: Receive a complimentary Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner worth S$420 when you apply for 2 Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble
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Maybank Family & Friends MasterCard Credit Card: Cashback Rewards in Singapore and Malaysia

Consider this if you spend a lot of time in both Singapore and Malaysia

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$60,000

Maybank Family & Friends MasterCard Credit Card, from the biggest bank of Malaysia, has a unique set of offerings that make the card quite ideal for people who frequently move between Singapore and Malaysia. Its cashback of 8% on petrol, transportation and groceries apply in both countries, so you don't have to have two sets of different cards each time you cross the border. Maybank Family & Friends card is extremely easy to use due to its low annual fee and minimum spend requirements.


  • Annual fee: S$80, waived with S$12,000 of annual spend
  • 8% rebate on transportation (Grab, taxi, bus and train rides), fast food delivery (i.e. foodpanda), and other retail transactions at special merchant outlets
  • Up to 9.3% rebate on groceries including merchant discount
  • Up to 20.88% savings on petrol including merchant discount
  • Above rebates apply in both Singapore & Malaysia
  • Promotion: Receive a complimentary Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner worth S$420 when you apply for 2 Maybank Credit Cards and CreditAble
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Best Cash Back Credit Card for Students & Young Adults: Maybank eVibes Card

Consider this if you want to maximise cashback on everyday spending

Annual Income Requirement N/A
Foreigner Income Requirement N/A

Maybank eVibes Card is a cash rebate card that lets you earn 1% rebates on everything you buy, which is the highest level of rebate we've seen for student credit cards. What's also great is that there's no minimum spending required to qualify for the rebates as well. You will get to also enjoy the regular perks available to all Maybank card members with their year-long TREATS programme. Other than that, it is the only student card that rewards the card-holder with an attractive activation gift – a stylish Adidas wristwatch worth $120 upon charging to your eVibes card within one month of card receipt.


  • Fee: Quarterly service fee of S$5; waived when you charge to your Card once every 3 months
  • 1% cash rebates on all your purchases
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Age 18 to 30 years old
  • Promotion: adidas wristawatch worth S$120 upon charging your card within 1 month
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Compare the Best Maybank Credit Cards

In case you want a quick look at our picks, here are ValueChampion's best Maybank credit cards.

Best Maybank CardsSummaryAnnual Fee
Maybank HorizonBest Miles Card for Moderate SpendersS$150.0Learn More
Maybank World MasterCardBest Card for GolfersS$240Learn More
Maybank Platinum VisaNo annual fee, up to 3.33% of cash backS$0.0Learn More
Maybank FC BarcelonaUnlimited 1.6% rebateS$120.0Learn More
Maybank Family & FriendsCasback in Singapore & MalaysiaS$80.0Learn More
Maybank eVibesBest Student CardS$0.0Learn More
Best Maybank CardsSummaryAnnual Fee
Maybank HorizonLearn MoreBest Miles Card for Moderate SpendersS$150.0
Maybank World MasterCardLearn MoreBest Card for GolfersS$240
Maybank Platinum VisaLearn MoreNo annual fee, up to 3.33% of cash backS$0.0
Maybank FC BarcelonaLearn MoreUnlimited 1.6% rebateS$120.0
Maybank Family & FriendsLearn MoreCasback in Singapore & MalaysiaS$80.0
Maybank eVibesLearn MoreBest Student CardS$0.0

Similar Cards From Other Banks To Consider

To help you find your ideal rewards card, we have compared an contrasted each of the Maybank cards with similar cards from other banks. Most of these cards offer fantastic rewards in that cater to people with different needs.

A graph displaying how best Maybank credit cards compare to other cards in Singapore in terms of their rewards
Comparing Dollar Value of Best Maybank Cards with Similar Cards from Other Banks

Furthermore, you should note that the dollar value can heavily depending on your spending habits. Therefore, it is very important to read through each card's review and assess if it fits your monthly budget and spending habits. There are also other "intangible" benefits like complimentary travel insurance and free access to airport lounges whose values are difficult to quantify but nevertheless incredibly valuable to some consumers.

Maybank Horizon vs HSBC Revolution

HSBC Revolution Card is another great travel card without an annual fee. Its annual fee, however, has an even lower spending requirement of S$12,500 to qualify for the annual fee waiver. HSBC Revolution card provides 2 miles per S$1 spent on dining, entertainment and online shopping (including travel bookings). For those who qualify for the HSBC Advance status, HSBC Advance card is an even better option than HSBC Revolution as it doubles Revolution card's 2 mile per S$1 spent to 4 miles. Maybank Horizon is still better in categories like dining, travel bookings, overseas expenditures and foreign transaction fee (1% vs 2.5% from HSBC Advance). Both cards have excellent value propositions for people with modest budgets. However, Maybank Horizon may be more suitable for customers who spend a considerable portion of their time and money outside of Singapore. On the other hand, HSBC Revolution and HSBC Advance makes more sense for people who will be spending most of their money locally especially on dining and entertainment.

Maybank Horizon vs Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card, in our opinion, is the best air miles credit card for the average consumer. Unlike Maybank Horizon, Citi PMV Card has a more general rewards program that can earn miles for every expenditure you may have. It earns 1.2 miles per S$1 spent locally and 2 miles per S$1 spent overseas. While this card costs S$192.6 of annual fee, it more than offsets this cost with a generous 10,000 bonus miles every year when you renew, as well as another 30,000 bonus miles when you spend S$10,000 within your first 3 months. If you don't mind paying the annual fee, this could represent the easiest way to rack up miles quickly.

Maybank Horizon vs DBS Altitude Card

DBS Altitude Card, like Citi PremierMiles Visa Card, offers a way to earn miles on every purchase. For every S$1 spend locally with DBS Altitude, you earn 1.2 miles. For every S$1 spend overseas, you can earn 2 miles. Unlike Citi PMV Card, however, DBS Altitude provides a waiver for your annual fee (S$192.6) as long as you spend S$25,000 on the card annually. While this limit is slightly higher than Maybank Horizon's, DBS Altitude can be a great alternative for those who are looking for a no-fee air miles card that is more general purpose than Maybank Horizon.

*ValueChampion calculates the dollar value of rewards based on S$2,000 of monthly spending. We sum the value of points, miles and cashback in dollar terms and subtract the annual fee over a 24-month period. The estimates here are ValueChampion's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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