OCBC Frank Card: What Makes It Special?

OCBC Frank Card: What Makes It Special?

Cashback on Entertainment & Online Spend for Young Adults with Easily-Waived Fee

Good for

  • Consumers who like to make most of their purchases online
  • Social individuals with high spend on local entertainment
  • People who prefer a no-fee card with low minimum spend requirements

Bad for

  • People who almost exclusively shop for fashion retail
  • Individuals looking for cashback on essentials like groceries and utilities
  • Frequent travellers who spend offline overseas

Editor's Rating


OCBC Frank Card is an awesome cashback card especially for earning rewards on indulgence expenses. It caters to a younger and more hip audience with 120 unique card designs to cater to everyone’s aesthetics, from teddy bears to racing cars. Armed with a super low annual fee of S$80 that is waived for 2 years, low spending requirements of S$10,000 per year, and some of the highest rebates for entertainment and shopping, OCBC Frank Card is an ideal card for anyone looking to squeeze as much fun as they can out of their dollars. This card clearly is laser focused on making you happy.

Pros of OCBC Frank Card

  • Low annual fee of S$80, waived for 2 years and subsequently waived for annual spend of over S$10,000
  • 14% off on petrol at Caltex & Esso stations
  • 6% rebate on all eligible online spend, including online shopping, travel bookings and food delivery orders
  • 5% rebate on all entertainment expenses on weekends, 3% on weekdays

Cons of OCBC Frank card

  • Low monthly cap on rebate of S$60
  • 3% cashback on auto top-ups are limited to 2 times

What makes OCBC Frank Card Stand Out

OCBC Frank Card makes it abundantly clear that this card is for young people with a limited budget. Its low annual fee of S$80 is waived for 2 years, and will be subsequently waived with annual spend of over S$10,000. Anyone spending more than S$400 should be able to use this card for free. It also has a very monthly low spending requirement of S$400 to be eligible for the cashback benefits. Essentially, you just have to spend S$100 a week on your partying or weekend coffee chats with your friends to be eligible for OCBC Frank Card’s cashback rewards and annual fee waiver!

The world has been getting increasingly difficult for young, aspiring professionals, and OCBC Frank Card is here to help them afford small luxuries of their own. When it’s time for your cathartic ritual after a hard week at work, OCBC Frank Card is there for you. If you choose to go to a bar, club, or KTVs to destress on weekends, you can earn 5% rebate on your entertainment bills. When you want to shop online or book your next vacation online, you can get another 6% rebate on your dollar. To qualify for the 6% online rebate, you need to only spend S$600 on offline transaction in a month, which shouldn't be a problem for anyone who is meeting the S$10,000 annual spend requirement for the annual fee waiver.

We don’t think the S$60 monthly cap on cash rebate is a huge concern for this card. You can earn 0.3% on all other purchases, so we don’t recommend using this card for things outside of your weekend partying and online shopping needs. At 5-6% rebate for online shopping and weekend entertainment activities, you would have to spend considerably more than S$400 on your weekend escapes to reach the cap. Still, if you do decide to spend S$1,200 a month for these activities, you could earn up to S$60 of rebate per month or S$720 per year!

Mindful of its customer demographic, OCBC Frank Card has included one more benefit to the card. You can use this card as your transportation card and earn 3% cashback on the first 2 NETS FlashPay auto top-ups you make each month. Top-ups are in S$50 increments and cost S$0.25 for administrative fee, so you can save up to S$2.5 a month on your commute just by using this card. 

OCBC Frank Card's Features and Benefits:

  • Annual fee: S$90, waived for 2 years, subsequently waived for annual spend of over S$10,000
  • Salary requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$45,000 for foreigners
  • Up to 14% off on petrol at Caltex and Esso petrol stations
  • 6% rebate on all eligible online spend, with additional 2% rebate on eligible Apple Online Store
  • 5% rebates on your entertainment spend at all bars, clubs, KTVs and selected cafes on weekends, 3% on weekdays
  • 3% cashback on the first 2 NETS FlashPay auto top-ups you make each month
  • S$60 cap on monthly cashback
  • S$400 of minimum monthly spend
  • 0.3% rebate on all other spend

How does the OCBC Frank Card Compare Against Other Cards?

Learn how OCBC Frank card differs from other cards in the market. We weigh this card's pros and cons against those of comparable cards to help you select the most ideal card for your needs.

A graph displaying how OCBC Frank Card compares to other credit cards in Singapore in terms of their rewards
OCBC Frank Card vs Other Cards by Dollar Value*

OCBC Frank vs OCBC 365

We wanted to compare OCBC Frank with another one of our favorites from OCBC, the OCBC 365 Card. Both cards waiver the annual fee with S$10,000 of annual spend on the card, making it very affordable for most people. However, the two cards are actually very different cards catering to different audiences. While OCBC Frank is all about indulging oneself, OCBC 365 is focused on satisfying daily essential needs like groceries, dining, petrol, mass transit and utility bills.

Given the different focus of these two cards, we think OCBC 365 makes more sense for people with families or people more focused on earning cashback on daily needs as opposed to indulgences. In other words, if your monthly expenses are focused around more "practical" areas like dining, groceries, petrol and utilities, we think OCBC 365 might be a better fit for you.



UOB YOLO Card is another card geared towards younger audience looking to maximize cashback on their leisure expenses. YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once” motto, and UOB YOLO clearly provides benefits that could help you live such a life. We think it’s a tough call to choose between the two cards, but we if had to choose, we would base the choice on our entertainment & leisure budget and relative importance of online shopping & travel bookings vs wine & dining. In many ways, UOB YOLO card is the premium version of OCBC Frank card. It costs S$192.6 of annual fee to use (1st year is waived), which is a hefty budget compared to OCBC Frank that doesn’t cost anything to use as long as you spend S$10,000 a year on the card.

In terms of benefits, the main difference is that UOB YOLO rewards a higher rebate on dining and entertainment while OCBC Frank rewards a higher rebate on online shopping. Also, UOB YOLO provides a variety of night life VIP perks like priority queue and free access at the best clubs in town as well as 1-for-1 deals at bars, restaurants and movie theater. So if you have the money to spend and want to maximise the bang for your buck, UOB YOLO could be the way to go; it doesn’t take much 1-for-1 drinks and priority queues to make up for the S$192.6 of annual fee. If you are on the lookout for ways to indulge yourself without breaking the bank, OCBC Frank could be the better choice.

*ValueChampion calculates the dollar value of rewards based on S$2,000 of monthly spending. We sum the value of points, miles and cashback in dollar terms and subtract the annual fee over a 24-month period. The estimates here are ValueChampion's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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