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4 Reasons Men Should Go to the Spa, Too

Most of the time, women are associated with trips to the spa. However, men can also benefit from spa treatments. Here are 4 reasons why men should consider heading to the spa themselves.

All too often, spa treatments are associated with women. While this isn't unreasonable, as the gender ratio for spa clients has traditionally skewed towards female, men are increasingly building a presence in the health and wellness industry. If you're still on the fence about joining this movement, consider these 4 reasons why men should go to the spa, too.

1. Well-Groomed Men Are More Successful in the Workplace

Countless research has shown appearance has an impact on career success. In fact, people considered physically attractive have been shown to earn 20% more than "average" counterparts in the workplace. More surprisingly, you can boost your career simply by coming across as well-groomed, regardless of physical features. In fact, when attractiveness is held equal, well-groomed men earn more money than those who aren't quite as put together.

When attractiveness remains constant, well-groomed men earn higher salaries than average or poorly-groomed men

One of the easiest ways to come across as well-kept is to head to the spa for treatments catering to nail, skin and hair care. Many spas have such offers specifically tailored to men, from aromatherapy facials and barber treatments to advanced pedicures and more. Even more, neglecting your nails, skin and facial hair can actually decrease confidence overall. Staying well-groomed is a great way to boost self-assurance and stand out at the workplace.

2. Men Who Invest in Self-Care Attract Partners More Easily

According to Social Science Research, three key traits influence attractiveness when pursuing a relationship: looks, personality, and personal grooming. Fortunately, these traits can have successful trade-offs–even if you're lacking in the first two, investing in grooming can boost your dating competitiveness. Studies around the world second this idea: an IPSOS study in India revealed women prefer a well-groomed man to a chivalrous one, and in a dating app experiment in the UK, more women responded to a "metrosexual" profile than a "gym buff's." Research even shows that women are more attracted to men with a healthy-looking skin tone (regardless of race). From waxing to facials and body scrubs, spa treatments are a great tool to boost your attractiveness and up your dating game.

3. Many Spa Treatments Cater to Men with Active Lifestyles

Whether you're making the most of your gym membership or just like to play sports on the weekends, chances are you're carrying around a bit of muscle pain and tension. While muscle discomfort may seem to be just a nuisance, it can actually be quite dangerous. Anything from over-exertion to inflexibility can lead to a sprain or strain–which together, account for 41% of all sports injuries in Singapore.

An active lifestyle can be great for your health, but without proper care, exercise can lead to sports injuries

Sports, athletic, and deep tissue massages can not only treat, but also prevent muscle pain. These treatments can improve circulation and flexibility, as well as counter spasms and promote faster muscle recovery time. The good news is that many spas offer such massages, and many even have options specifically tailored to men, allowing you to ease away pain and diminish the likelihood of future injuries.

4. Spas Aren't As Expensive As You Think

Finally, the health and wellness industry is booming in Singapore. There are more and more spas opening across the country, offering a variety of treatments at just about every price point. While the average cost of a spa treatment in Singapore is S$130 per hour, actual costs vary according to treatment type and spa venue. On average, massages are the cheapest treatment option, though many wellness centres also offer scrubs and body wraps for less than S$100/hour. Options labelled as "for men" tend to be a bit more expensive (averaging S$168 per hour), but keep in mind–in general, all options are open to men, whether gender is called out or not.

The average cost of a spa treatment in Singapore is S$130 per hour

Another way to save on spa trips includes booking through Vaniday, an online platform connecting spas with potential customers, often at discounted rates. The site allows your to search specifically for waxing, barbers and sports massage, making it easy to find male-oriented services. Many credit cards also offer discounts when you book through Vaniday, including UOB and Maybank, which offer up to 50% savings on your first booking. Finally, credit cards like Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card offer special privileges at luxury spas at Banyan Hotels, the Ritz Carlton and more. Adding up these discounts on top of already affordable options, it's not as expensive as you might think to establish a spa regimen.

Carrie Arndt

Carrie is a Senior Analyst at ValueChampion, helping consumers find the best credit cards and other financial products based on quantitative and qualitative analysis. She previously led consumer studies worldwide as a Senior Research Executive at MMR Research, and led development & operations and BellaVetro. She attended Duke University and Penn State University, graduating with a degree in Political Science and Government. Her work has been featured on a variety of major media such as Yahoo Finance, Asia One, Buro, Zuu Online and more.

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